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The darn 3rd year

The darn 3rd year

Frankreich 2011 - with Louise Bourgoin, Gaspard Proust, Joeystarr, Jonathan Lambert, Frederique Bel ...

Movie info

Original title:L`Amour dure trois ans
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Direction:Frédéric Beigbeder
Cinema release:19.07.2012
Production country:Frankreich 2011
Running time:Ca. 97 min.
Rated:From 12 years
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Cinema in particular likes to tell stories of eternal love. And most people dream of meeting the person with whom they can spend the rest of their lives happily. But is there really such a thing as eternal love in real life? The literary critic Marc Marronnier (Gaspard Proust) has a completely different thesis: even the greatest love has an expiration date, which usually occurs after three years. When he met Anne (Elisa Sednaoui) and learned to love her, Marc still believed in love. But now that he is in the middle of his divorce, he is so convinced of his thesis about the "darn 3rd year" that he writes it down in the form of a pamphlet. But just as he is about to make a career with his book published under a pseudonym, he meets the beguiling Alice (Louise Bourgoin), who makes him rethink his convictions...

Frédéric Beigbeder, whose acclaimed novel "39,90" was filmed congenially by Jan Kounen in 2007, has for the first time sat on the director's chair himself for the adaptation of his book "Die Liebe währt drei Jahre". The result is "Das verflixte 3. Jahr", a romantic comedy, which is very surprising considering Beigbeders novels and the sometimes very cynical, bitter undertone. On closer inspection, however, his directorial debut also reveals a rather satirical character, which culminates in a few punch lines, which then make Beigbeders handwriting clearly noticeable again.

With Stand-Up Comedian Gaspard Proust and Louise Bourgoin as Femme Fatale, the comedy is very well cast and the role Beigbeder has written for the rapper Joeystarr ("Poliezei") is also a real benefit for the film. All in all, however, the "damned 3rd year" has to be said that this is a directorial debut. Especially when it comes to comedic timing, Beigbeder rarely hits the bull's eye. While some moments are extremely amusing and have a lot of humoristic bite, other aspects seem to be really hard work and completely unfunny. This applies, for example, to the role played by Frédérique Bel ("The art of loving"). As Kathy, the wife of Marc's friend Pierre, she only speaks English because it sounds so sexy in the porn movies she loves to watch with her husband. That may sound funny as an idea. But in the movie itself it just doesn't work out, because the scenes in which Kathy appears lack the appropriate timing. Moreover, there is always the feeling that the director has slowed himself down in favour of a more commercial production and hasn't gone as far as you are used to in his books.

No question, "Das verflixte 3. Jahr" is an entertaining and very nice comedy, that lovers of French romances of a more biting kind can enjoy. But it is precisely because this is an attempt to leave the familiar paths of the genre every now and then and to tell the deeply romantic story with a somewhat more evil sense of humour and cynicism that an even more biting production and better comedic timing would have been desirable. Therefore: only worth seeing with some exceptions!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


  • The darn 3rd year
  • The darn 3rd year
  • The darn 3rd year
  • The darn 3rd year
  • The darn 3rd year
Cinema trailer for the movie "The darn 3rd year (Frankreich 2011)"
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