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The Flowers of Yesterday

The Flowers of Yesterday

Deutschland/Österreich 2016 - with Lars Eidinger, Adèle Haenel, Jan Josef Liefers, Hannah Herzsprung ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating:

Movie info

Genre:Comedy, Drama
Direction:Chris Kraus
Cinema release:12.01.2017
Production country:Deutschland/Österreich 2016
Running time:Ca. 128 Min
Rated:From 12 years
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A comedy about German coming to terms with the past? A film with biting humour and depth? Is that even possible? Yes, it works, as Chris Kraus proves in "The Flowers of Yesterday" in a wonderful way. The film tells the story of Holocaust researcher Totila Blumen (Lars Eidinger), who finds it an absolute thorn in his side that his boss (Jan Josef Liefers) and his colleagues want to turn the upcoming Auschwitz Congress into an advertising-financed media event. And he doesn't even like the fact that he should now work together with an intern, the French Zazie (Adèle Haenel). But all the moaning doesn't help, Totila has to come to terms with Zazie, who seems to be over-excited, in order to be able to do his job. But in the course of time the misanthrope and the young Frenchwoman actually get closer until they realize that they will soon be forced to come to terms with their own personal past…

"The Flowers of Yesterday" creates a little trick: Chris Kraus has staged a film about the reappraisal of a dark chapter in German history, which is both profound, but also extremely funny and entertaining. A movie, that even in such moments, that almost seem like slapstick, never seems flat and silly and that sets a wonderful counterpart to the usual shock cinema with sometimes bitter dialogues. At the same time the whole thing is also a story about hope, about reconciliation and about love. A film full of poetry and humour, full of beauty - even in places where you wouldn't expect it.

Chris Kraus breaks with conventions and creates a real exception in German entertainment cinema. Because "The Flowers of Yesterday" shows that a film with a serious theme can also be fun. The fact that neither claim nor profundity are lost is impressively proven in almost every scene. There are also a few small lengths, but these are loosely played over by the strong actors. The ensemble is wonderfully cast, even in the small supporting roles, and even though Lars Eidinger and the wonderful Adèle Haenel are clearly in the centre of attention, they also give the other performers enough space to fully develop their abilities.

Although the epilogue looks a bit constructed, it doesn't change the overall positive impression this film leaves behind. The great story is thought-provoking, but full of joie de vivre, hope and wit, so that even in her darker moments she never runs the risk of dragging the mood down. A great film, the quality of which there should be more of. Absolutely worth seeing! ]

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


  • The Flowers of Yesterday
  • The Flowers of Yesterday
  • The Flowers of Yesterday
  • The Flowers of Yesterday
  • The Flowers of Yesterday
  • The Flowers of Yesterday
Cinema trailer for the movie "The Flowers of Yesterday (Deutschland/Österreich 2016)"
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