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The Strangers: Sacrificial Night

The Strangers: Sacrificial Night

USA 2018 - with Bailee Madison, Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Lewis Pullman ...

The Frankfurt-Tipp rating:

Movie info

Original title:The Strangers: Prey at Night
Genre:Horror, Thriller
Direction:Johannes Roberts
Cinema release:21.06.2018
Production country:USA 2018
Running time:Ca. 85 min.
Rated:From 16 years
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Cindy (Christina Hendricks) and Mike (Martin Henderson) want to spend another family weekend with their children Kinsey (Bailee Madison) and Luke (Lewis Pullman) in a remote trailer park before the rebellious Kinsey is sent to a boarding school. The mood is tense, but the couple gives everything to loosen up the situation. But there is little time for that after they arrive in the deserted caravan park. Because suddenly the family is chased by a trio of masked killers who seem to know only one goal: all to kill before the night is over…

Ten years after Bryan Bertino's surprise hit "The Strangers" Dollface, Pin-Up Girl and the Man in the Mask return to terrorize another family in "The Strangers: Victims' Night". Director Johannes Roberts, who was able to land a respectable hit in the USA in 2017 with the deep-sea shocker "47 Meters Down", doesn't really manage, despite an atmospheric location, to win even the beginning of a new side to the slasher genre. That wouldn't be too bad if the whole thing were staged in an exciting way. But weaknesses in the script and the actors stand in the way of that.

Bailee Madison has not been able to convince as a child actress. Anyone who has seen her at Adam Sandler's side in "My Invented Woman" will probably be horrified to remember her very affected play. She hasn't really learned much in the meantime. Her facial expression hardly changes during the entire film and she expresses fear through seemingly extreme chills. So it doesn't help that the script also lets her do some really stupid things.

Anyway, the script allows itself a few extremely stupid and untrustworthy things, which of course should not be revealed here. But maybe this much: Just think of the most wretched horror clichés. The last act of "The Strangers: Opfernacht" in particular is finished by multiplying it many times over. That really tarnishes the pleasure in the film extremely. There are also some good moments of tension and atmospheric horror. However, it's almost completely covered by the mentioned weaknesses, so that in the end the result is unfortunately a horror thriller that is only below average and can't hold a candle to the original for a moment. Only with very clear deductions still worth seeing!

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  • The Strangers: Sacrificial Night
  • The Strangers: Sacrificial Night
  • The Strangers: Sacrificial Night
  • The Strangers: Sacrificial Night
  • The Strangers: Sacrificial Night
  • The Strangers: Sacrificial Night
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