Dein Event-Kalender für Frankfurt und Rhein-Main
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November 2020
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August program at the German Film Museum

August program at the German Film Museum

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MODE IM FILM - Film series in August

Special: Barbara tree to guest
Sunday, 30. August, at 8 pm

Not only fashion designers, but also cinema and film make fashion: Film costumes have a decisive influence on the look, atmosphere and character of a film and set new trends of their own. Costume designers have a career in the fashion industry, and well-known fashion designers work for the film industry - such as fashion designer Erika Segel-Reinhardt, who worked for TOBIS Filmkunst GmbH as a costume designer in the 1940s and opened a fashion studio in Offenbach in the 1950s. Her works can be seen until 4 October at the Historisches Museum Frankfurt, in the exhibition "Silk Robes and Leather Jackets. The Fashion Studio of Erika Segel-Reinhardt".

The cinema of the Deutsches Filmmuseum is showing a selection of feature and documentary films in August that play in the world of fashion, thematize fashion or skilfully stage costumes. A special event is dedicated to the work of Barbara Baum, who was awarded the German Film Prize in June and will be a guest at the cinema of the Deutsches Filmmuseum on Sunday, August 30.

Wednesday, August 5th. August, 20:30
Sunday, August 9, 18
THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA The devil wears Prada
USA 2006 R: David Frankel
D: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker. 110 min. 35mm. OF
Runway is New York's most influential fashion magazine, its icy and sophisticated editor-in-chief Miranda Priestley the most powerful woman in the fashion world. No assistant can endure a long time with her, and yet the job is hot coveted. When Andy Sachs, more a grey mouse than a haute couture lady, takes up a position as a second assistant, she soon realises that she has to change fundamentally in order to survive in the jungle of the fashion world. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, a biting satire on the world of fashion, is based on the novel of the same name by Lauren Weisberger, a former assistant to Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue.

Tuesday, 11th Tuesday, 17th October. August, 20:30 pm
Sunday, 16 August, 18 pm
PRÊT-À-PORTER Ready to Wear
USA 1994 R: Robert Altman
D: Marcello Mastroianni, Kim Basinger, Sophia Loren, Tim Robbins. 132 min. Blu-ray. OmU
The Paris Spring Fashion Show 1995 brings together guests from all over the world: fashion designers, fashion journalists, models and other celebrities. In PRÊT-À-PORTER, Robert Altman takes a revealing look at the fashion industry with its glamorous shows, the studios where people work until they drop, and the catwalks where supermodels cavort. A well-researched film that shines with costumes by Vivienne Westwood and a unique cast of actors: Even the smallest supporting roles are cast with film or fashion stars.

Thursday, 13th of October. August, 18h
Friday, 14th - 13th November August, 20:45pm
Dress and City Recordings
BRD/France 1988 R: Wim Wenders
Documentary. 81 min DCP. OmU
In this "diary film" Wim Wenders examines the similarities between his craft, filmmaking, and the craft of fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. This shocked and revolutionised the fashion world at the beginning of the 1980s, combining traditional clothing with contemporary fashion to create a postmodern streetwear chic. The result was an extremely clever reflection on the essence of fashion and film.
On the occasion of the 70th birthday of Wim Wenders

Tuesday, 18th Tuesday. August, 20:30 pm
Thursday, 20 August, 18 pm
France 2013 R: Jalil Lespert. D: Pierre Niney, Guillaume Gallienne,
Charlotte Le Bon, Nikolai Kinski. 104 minutes of DCP. OmU
Only five years after the death of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, Jalil Lespert tells the story of the highly talented young designer who comes to Paris in 1953, soon rises to the right hand of Christian Dior, and after his death becomes artistic director of Dior. Only a few years later he founded his fashion label YSL and was soon regarded as a fashion fad. His groundbreaking creations sparked social debates and contributed to the democratization of fashion.

Friday, 21. August, 20:30 hrs
Sunday, 23. August, 18h
COCO AVANT CHANEL Coco Chanel - The beginning of a passion
France 2009 R: Anne Fontaine
D. Audrey Tautou, Alessandro Nivola, Marie Gillain, Benoît Poelvoorde. 110 min. 35mm. OmU
COCO AVANT CHANEL tells the story of a woman from poor backgrounds on her way from simple tailor to the most important fashion designer of the 20th century: without financial means, without relationships and without schooling, but with a natural talent for fashion, the young Gabrielle Chanel - later world-famous under her nickname Coco - takes her fate into her own hands. Especially the performance of Audrey Tautou in the title role and the costumes of Catherine Leterrier, especially designed for the film and inspired by Chanel's style, are worth seeing.

Tuesday, 25th Tuesday. August, 20:30
Friday, 28 August, 20:30
Germany 1940 R: Georg Jacoby
D: Marika Rökk, Will Quadflieg, Josef Sieber. 109 Min. 35mm
The unequal twin sisters Kora and Mara perform together as artists - until Mara falls during one performance and remains tied to the bed. When her lover Michael turns to her sister, Mara sets off for Algiers, where there is a deadly quarrel between the two sisters. The revue film KORA TERRY was Marika Rökk's breakthrough as an acting star in the German music film. The designs for the elaborate revue dresses were made by fashion designer Erika Segel-Reinhardt.

Thursday, 27 August, 18 o'clock
Sunday, 30 August. August, 18h
DIOR AND I Dior and I
France 2014 R: Frédéric Tcheng
Documentary. 89 min. DCP. OmU
The documentary film DIOR AND I offers unprecedented insights into the world of the fashion house Dior and shows the two-month creation of the first haute couture collection by the new head designer Raf Simons. Following the spontaneous appointment of the Belgian fashion designer as Creative Director, the entire team faces a major challenge. In opulent images, underpinned by statements from the participants, director Frédéric Tcheng succeeds in creating a connection between reverent amazement and
journalistic observation.

Special: Barbara Baum to guest
Sunday, 30. August, 20 o'clock

BRD 1979 R: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
D: Hanna Schygulla, Klaus Löwitsch, Ivan Desny, Gisela Uhlen. 115 min. DCP
Only one night together remains Maria and Hermann Braun after their wedding in the middle of World War II, before Hermann has to return to the Eastern Front. At the end of the war he is considered missing, and so Maria masters her social rise with ambition, wisdom and unscrupulous charm. She hopes for future happiness with Hermann, but her wish remains denied. The costumes for the film were designed by Barbara Baum. The cinema of the Deutsches Filmmuseum presents the new 4k restoration, which was first presented in Cologne in July.

After the film, Hans-Peter Reichmann (DIF) talks to Barbara Baum about her life's work.

Barbara Baum is one of the most renowned costume designers in Germany with a special feeling for historical fabrics. After an apprenticeship as a tailor, she studied art and costume history and started working as a fashion designer. Her career in film is closely linked to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, whom she met in 1972. She also worked with Volker Schlöndorff, Heinrich Breloer and Bernd Eichinger and designed costumes for Meryl Streep, Jessica Schwarz and Maria Schrader. In 2015 she was awarded the German Film Prize for outstanding services to German film. In the exhibition Fassbinder - NOW in the Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin (until 23 August), a complete room is dedicated to the work of
Barbara Baum. The book Film/Stoffe was also published to accompany the exhibition. Costumes: Barbara Baum on the work of Barbara Baum, with contributions by Hanna Schygulla, Volker Schlöndorff, Jessica Schwarz and many others.

CLASSICS & RARITIES at the Film Museum

Film series in August, curated by designer Kostas Murkudis

Kostas Murkudis is one of the most renowned contemporary German designers. Positions and working methods from all areas of art have had a decisive influence on his work. Film also plays an important role as a source of inspiration: furnishings, lighting, colours and the opportunity to immerse oneself in other worlds form important impulses for his collections. The films that Murkudis describes as formative for his work are diverse: works from the 1960s and 70s by Alain Resnais, Jean-Luc Godard and Michelangelo Antonioni aroused his interest in the connection between film and fashion. He is influenced by Japanese films and Asian independent cinema as well as by classical costume films. Murkudis is also particularly interested in cinematic surrealism and its play with image, surface, and reality, as well as in the different staging of female figures - sometimes burschikosmaskulin, sometimes elegant-feminin.

The Museum für Moderne Kunst is dedicating Kostas Murkudis's first comprehensive museum exhibition at MMK 2 (17.7.2015 - 14.2.2016). The cinema of the Deutsches Filmmuseum is showing a selection of six films curated by Kostas Murkudis that influenced his work.

Saturstag, 8. August, 18h
Tuesday, 11 August, 18h
L' ECLISSE Love 1962
Italy/France 1962 R: Michelangelo Antonioni
D: Alain Delon, Monica Vitti. 126 min. Blu-ray. OmU
Young Vittoria longs for true love and leaves her friend Riccardo after a fight. Through her mother, who works on the stock exchange, she meets the attractive speculator Piero. They seem to be similar in their sense of forlornness and begin a relationship with each other, but they cannot really get involved with each other. Michelangelo Antonioni's drama tells of the inability to love. Alain Delon and Monica Vitti use strong, symbolically charged images to illustrate the fragility of human relationships.

Saturday, 8. August 22:30
Saturday 15 August 22:30
France 1975 R: Walerian Borowczyk
D: Sirpa Lane, Lisbeth Hummel, Elisabeth Kaza. 98 minutes Blu-ray. OmU
A surreal story with absurd sexual elements: A businessman leaves a fortune to his daughter Lucy on the condition that she marries the son of his best friend. However, this son, Mathurin, is physically deformed, mentally retarded and not baptized. A priest is ordered to the estate for the baptism, and Lucy arrives with her aunt. Lucy explores the house and comes across signs that a beast was once mischievous there. At night she dreams of the beast in the shape of Mathurin. What begins as a nightmare becomes a monstrous-erotic adventure.

Wednesday, 12. August, 18h
France 1969 R: Barbet Schroeder
D: Mimsy Farmer, Klaus Grünberg. 112 min. DCP. OmeU
After completing his mathematics studies, the German Stefan travels to Paris and meets Charlie and Estelle at a party. He falls in love with Estelle, gets involved with her despite Charlie's warnings and follows her to Ibiza. Estelle introduces Stefan to hard drugs and both become heroin addicts. Charlie wants to save Stefan and also travels to Ibiza. The first directorial work of Barbet Schroeder enjoys cult status today, not least because of the music of Pink Floyd, who wrote and recorded the complete soundtrack to the

Tuesday, 18th Tuesday. August, 18h
Wednesday, 26 August, 18h
LA FILLE SUR LE PONT The woman on the bridge
France 1999 R: Patrice Leconte
D: Vanessa Paradis, Daniel Auteuil. 95 min. 35mm. DF
After many unhappy relationships, Adèle wants to put an end to her life by throwing herself off a bridge in Paris. She is rescued from the river by the knife-thrower Gabor and persuaded by him to take part in his shows as a living target. Together they travel through Europe and spend a happy and successful time until Adèle meets a young Greek for whom she leaves Gabor. Gabor is henceforth haunted by misfortune and loses more and more his
will to live.

Saturday, 22nd of July. August, 18h
Tuesday, 25 August, 18h
Greece 1988 R: Theo Angelopoulos
D: Tania Paleologou, Michalis Zeke. 124 min. 35mm OmU
In the last part of the "Trilogy of Silence" Theo Angelopoulos tells an initiation journey based on a newspaper note: Eleven-year-old Voula and her five-year-old brother Alexander set out in search of their father, whom they believe to be living in Germany. On their journey through an unreal Greece they are stopped again and again. They meet the troupe of actors who were on the road in Angelopoulos ´ O THIASOS (GR 1975), have to take detours and suffer hardships until they reach the tree of hope at the end.

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Source: German Film Museum

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