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The Asia Night 2018 presents: Death Note - Light up the new World

The Asia Night 2018 presents: Death Note - Light up the new World

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From the 04. century onward May at the cinema - in Frankfurt at the CineStar Metropolis       

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The saga continues!  In the latest film of the Death Note series, the past is reopened - with new actors, new Death Notes and new rules! From the director of I Am a Hero.

Kira is back! Ten years have passed since the death of model student Light Yagami. At that time he was the first Kira to frighten the world - but now mysterious deaths are once again piling up around the globe. However, not only Kira has resurfaced, Interpol also feels threatened and sends a private detective, L.'s successor, to Japan. This time there are six different Death Notes in circulation, those books with which you can kill people by note. Soon a hot battle breaks out for the supremacy of the deadly notebooks....

In the latest film version, a highly developed information society is haunted by globally active cyber terrorists. Rina Kawaei plays mass murderer Sakura Aoi, Masaki Suda plays cyber-terrorist Yuuki Shien, Sôsuke Ikematsu plays Ryuzaki, the rightful successor of L, Masahiro Higashide in turn slips into the role of Tsukuru Mishima, who heads a special unit that takes action against the Death Notes..

With "Death Note - Light up the new World", the third Japanese film adaptation of the successful anime comes to German and Austrian cinemas.

Title: Death Note - Light Up The New World  (Japan: 29. October 2016)

Direction: Shinsuke Sato

Format: Realfilm/Live Action Movie

Language: German synchronization

Length: 135 minutes

FSK: from 12

Source: -


Cinema trailer for the movie "The Asia Night 2018 presents: Death Note - Light up the new World "
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