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7 Bello - Pizza in Seventh Heaven

7 Bello - Pizza in Seventh Heaven

Category: Restaurants
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Admittedly, at first glance there may seem to be very little to recommend the Pizzeria 7 Bello in the station district as a top tip: The location on Niddastraße in the station quarter is certainly not one of the most beautiful corners of Frankfurt. The small interior is usually very full, especially during rush hours - i.e. during lunch breaks and in the evening - and therefore also loud. And who can get a place outside, sits on a few beer benches directly at the street. And yet for many, the shop is one of the best pizzerias in town. What's the matter with you? There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, it is the rustic charm that inspires many guests. If you are forced to share a table with strangers and simply have to move closer together, you will inevitably experience a certain conviviality and - despite the narrowness - a cosiness that is simply beautiful. Sure, you gotta like that. But if you can get involved, you will quickly be enchanted by the simple ambience of the 7 Bello.

The second reason for the popularity is that you are always served very quickly and friendly, no matter how full and hectic it is. Even if you have never been a guest here before or only a few times, the greeting is often almost familiar. So the very attentive team makes sure that the guests feel very comfortable here. The most important point is of course the food. And the 7 Bello is also convincing here: the pizza convinces with its crispy thin base and the fresh ingredients for the topping. Whether spicy with peperoni sausage or juicy with spinach and egg - here there is actually the right pizza for every taste. Another highlight are the Tagliata, the strips of beef fried in olive oil and served with rosemary. Also the Pasta Carbonara or the Penne Arrabiata leave a very positive impression. So it's no wonder that the 7 Bello not only has a large audience, but also a colourfully mixed one. Whether banker or student, whether tourist or worker, here is really every guest in seventh heaven! Well, those who are looking for a place for a quiet date or value a sophisticated ambience may be wrong here. But if you like it authentic and familiar, this is the place for you!

Address: Niddastraße 82, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Opening hours: Mon - Sat 11:30 - 0:00 Uhr, Sun 15:30 - 0:00 Uhr

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