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Chá Dào China Tea&Art - An oasis of peace

Chá Dào China Tea&Art - An oasis of peace

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Chá Dào in Frankfurt's Westend is an absolute must for those interested in China and lovers of green teas of outstanding quality!

On November 12, 2016, the teahouse managed by Gerhard Thamm was officially opened in Frankfurt. Gerhard Thamm is a connoisseur of China. For 30 years he worked for the aviation industry and traveled a lot. Gerhard Thamm has been in China several times a year since the 80s. Over the years, friendships developed that gave him access to classical Chinese culture and tea. Thus the desire arose to dedicate himself entirely to this fascination and to found a tea house in Germany. 

2010 Gerhard Thamm gave up his profession to open the first small tea house in Neu Isenburg in 2013. However, it quickly became too small and fortunately for us the Teehaus in Frankfurt now offers a large area for wonderful teas, culture and art, tea bars, porcelain and handmade furniture from China. Gerhard Thamm is supported here by the very likeable Chinese Cai Bai, who studied fashion design at home and has also intensively dealt with the subject of tea.

Besides teas and further products, which can be ordered also in the own on-line Shop, there are small deliciousnesses and fine cakes. On request, tea ceremonies with light accompaniment and music can be offered on advance booking.

The Chá Dào is an oasis of tranquility and enjoyment in the city and does more than justice to this wonderful country and its warm people!

Where?: Friedrichstrasse 10-12, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

When?: Monday - Saturday 10.00-21.00h

Further information can be found at:

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