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Chichilas - Delicious TexMex Kitchen in Old Kiosk

Chichilas - Delicious TexMex Kitchen in Old Kiosk

Category: Fast & Slow Food
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For a long time there was a magazine kiosk in the small shop at Oeder Weg 23. When the rent was drastically increased, the couple, who had run the shop for many years, unfortunately had to give up the business. The successor, too, did not hold its own for long with the kiosk concept despite new focal points. But now a new tenant is trying out a completely different concept: where previously you could buy magazines or lottery tickets and cigarettes, there are now tasty TexMex specialities at CHICHILAS.

The offer ranges from small starters like nachos or red jalapenos filled with cream cheese to salads, filled tacos with California sauce, burritos or chimichangas to enchiladas or specials like chili con carne and spicy chicken pieces with mango dip and salsa. There are two things that immediately stand out positively when you enter the TexMex store. On the one hand there is the very warm welcome, which also continues with the order and - if necessary - with the consultation. And also the interior looks very inviting. From the little space that was available here, the best possible was brought out. In small cosy niches you can enjoy the food on the spot. But of course there is also all food to take away.

The portions are neat and good value for money. The ingredients taste fresh and the sauces offered are pleasantly spicy. Here and there there there is still some "fire" missing, there is still air up there in terms of taste. But the whole thing is still delicious - and you'll definitely get enough in any case. As filling you can choose between chicken and beef, as well as vegetarian and vegan variants. Also Barbacoa, very tenderly cooked meat in spicy sauce, can be selected. Of course, no star cuisine should be expected here. But if you are looking for fast and good TexMex cuisine, you will be well served here in the truest sense of the word. After Thai food, Indian street food or burgers a welcome addition to the culinary offer on the Oeder Weg, which is certainly used by the people working here in the lunch break as well as by the guests of the nearby CineStar Metropolis or of course by the residents.

Opening hours: Mo - Sun 11 - 23 o'clock

Address: Oeder Weg 23, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

You can find more information at:




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