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Delicious burgers at Bullys Burger

Delicious burgers at Bullys Burger

Category: Fast & Slow Food
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Update: The branch on the Oeder Weg is now closed, but in Bockenheim and in the foodtruck you can still get the delicious burgers!

The Bullys Burger food truck has long been a cult item on the Frankfurt street food scene. Meanwhile the delicious burgers are not only available through the car window, but also in two branches. After the first one in Bockenheim followed another shop on the Oeder Weg near the city centre. The success of BULLYS BURGER is probably primarily due to the fact that the burgers are simply extremely tasty. High-quality beef from French Burgundy, spicy Irish cheddar, fresh rolls to your own recipe without flavour enhancers or additives and toppings from the region result in a truly delicious taste experience far removed from what is served in various fast food restaurants. Of course, the burgers here are not exactly cheap either - but quality also has its price. And since you can taste it with every bite, the prices at BULLYS BURGER are more than justified.

There are ten different burger variants in all shops, in the branch in Bockenheim even an eleventh is added with "Chilled Chicken". Besides the classic burger, the guest can choose between "Bully tanzt Sirtaki" (with sheep cheese and tzaziki), "Bully der Mariachi" (with jalapenos, tortilla chip, salsa and lime) or "Aloha Bully" (with pineapple and mango curry sauce). There is also the "Trip to the Green" - a veggie burger with halloumi cheese, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomato pesto, rocket salad and braised onions - or pulled pork from the shoulder of a pig.


We chose the Cheese Burger and the New York Bully Burger with crunchy Sweet Potatoe Fries as side dishes. The NYBB has revealed absolute cult potential. With cheese, bacon, fried egg, homemade cabbage salad, braised onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and BBQ sauce, this very rich burger has caused many a taste explosion. Simply delicious! And in contrast to the usual fast food burgers, you are really full after a bully burger - and not just for half an hour.

Fresh ingredients, delicious burgers and no less tasty side dishes, as well as the really very nice service have made our visit to BULLYS BURGER an all-round positive experience, which can be warmly recommended to every burger fan.

Stores in Frankfurt:

Oeder Weg 34, 60318 Frankfurt - CLOSED

Am Weingarten 12, 60487 Frankfurt - Bockenheim

You will find information about the opening hours and the locations of the food truck:

Text from: Sebastian Betzold

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