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Der Go Asia Supermarkt - Ein neues Paradies für asiatische Lebensmittel

Der Go Asia Supermarkt - Ein neues Paradies für asiatische Lebensmittel

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For all those who like Asian cooking and are also looking for unusual ingredients or food, there is now a new address in Frankfurt: the basement of Karstadt on the Zeil. A branch of the Berlin GO ASIA supermarket has opened here. Although the Frankfurt branch is smaller in size, it offers more choice than the Berlin branch. The specialist for Asian food has over 100 different types of noodles on offer alone - from wheat noodles to Udon noodles, glass noodles, egg noodles, Konjak noodles and a huge selection of instant noodles. You can also find about 100 sorts of rice, including various sorts of jasmine rice, sushi rice, basmati rice, glutinous rice and also rarer sorts.

But that's not all, of course. GO ASIA will be offering around 6,000 products at its launch in Frankfurt. Various soy sauces, curry pastes, fish sauces, juices, coconut water, corn snacks or sweets like mochi with honeydew, ginger sweets, sesame biscuits or dried fruits can be found here on the shelves. The new supermarket also offers numerous delicacies for lovers of vegan cuisine. There are also some non-food items like rice cookers, steamer tops, woks, chopsticks, pots, sushi items and more.

Another highlight is the fresh shelf, where fresh fruit and vegetables from Thailand are offered daily. The offer here is really unique to this extent and makes you want to try out completely new taste experiences. Where else can you find the KitKat bars in a green tea variety, which are also popular in this country? Or such a wide range of sauces in different flavours and degrees of sharpness? So if you want to prepare dishes from the Far East again in the near future and are looking for the right ingredients or an original dessert, you should definitely stop by here.

When?: Mo - Sa 10 - 20 o'clock

Where: Karstadt, Basement, Zeil 90, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

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