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Die Apfelweinhandlung Jens Becker reveals the diversity of cider

Die Apfelweinhandlung Jens Becker reveals the diversity of cider

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The days when each winery produced only two classic cider varieties are long gone. Although the tradition is still upheld by most wineries. But in the meantime much more is being experimented with varieties and flavours. In recent years, this has led to a real apple wine boom, which has made the cult drink attractive for young people again. You can get an impression of how versatile the world of cider can be by visiting Jens Becker's cider shop in Brückenstraße. For three years now, Becker has been offering a rich selection of apple wines and juices from small wineries and medium-sized manufacturers from the region in the premises of a former pharmacy.

After the shop had been located on a smaller area in Nordend for seven years, the passion for everything to do with the fruits of local orchard meadows in Sachsenhausen on 130 square meters could only really unfold. In a cosy atmosphere, you can get to know the immense wealth of ideas and the joy of experimenting of the manufactories in the cider shop. In addition to pure wines and juices, there are also numerous fruit combinations. There you can find an apple wine with quince or apple juice with currant. And of course there is expert advice from Jens Becker.

Apart from the liquid offer, the beautiful shop also offers a few matching delicacies such as Gref-Völsings beef sausage and apple wine accessories such as lids or mini pembels. It is a really rich offer that is unique in this form for cider lovers. A relaxed atmosphere, a great location and a lot of passion make this shop in the truest sense of the word a real pleasure tip! Also tastings and private events (up to 30 persons) are possible here. If you really want to taste what grows on our orchards, you should definitely visit Jens Becker's apple wine shop.  

When? Tuesday to Friday from 12 am to 8 pm and Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm

week Brückenstraße 21, 60594 Frankfurt

More info can be found HERE on Facebook

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