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Enjoyment with skyline view: The East

Enjoyment with skyline view: The East

Category: Restaurants
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There are locations where you can enjoy not only delicious food or good drinks, but also a very special view. Oosten on the banks of the Main near the Wesel shipyard is just such a place. The architecture of Oosten itself is a real eye-catcher. Whether on the terraces, in the restaurant itself, at the bar or in the lounge, as a guest you actually have a fantastic view of the skyline, the Main or the ECB everywhere. This view is actually in any weather and at any time of day just beautiful and fascinating. But especially when the sun sinks behind the bank and office towers of the city, the view from the east is really priceless. A cool drink in the hand and something delicious on the plate and the end of the day is perfect.

Naturally a beautiful scenery is not everything. But the Bauhaus-style building is also convincing in the gastronomic sector. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, a piece of cake with an afternoon coffee or a relaxing end to the working day, there's always just the right thing for the small or big appetite. The offer is manageable, but perfectly sufficient. The quality is good and actually leaves little room for complaint. However, one has to be prepared for somewhat higher prices here, as here one simply pays for the extraordinary location. However, especially with breakfast and cake the portions are also tidy, so that the price-performance ratio is right again.

What you also have to be prepared for here are somewhat longer waiting times. If there is a lot of activity here, then it can happen that it takes a while until the service or the order comes to the table. So you should bring some time and patience to the east, especially during rush hours. The waiters were friendly and attentive during our visits, but for the sake of honesty it has to be said that there were always some critical voices.

The Frankfurt influence flashes through the main courses again and again. The menu also includes dishes served with green sauce or hand cheese. All in all, the culinary offer pleases with a good mixture of down-to-earth and slightly upscale cuisine. The wine selection is good and also the rest of the beverage menu can convince. So, no matter if for breakfast, just for a drink or for an enjoyable meal - a visit in the east is recommendable in any case!

When? Mon - Thu 10 - 24 o'clock, Fri 10 - 01 o'clock, Sat 09 - 01 o'clock, Sun 09 - 24 (in winter until 22:30) o'clock

Where? Mayfarthstr. 4, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

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