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February 2020
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FLETCHER`S opens new burger shop in downtown

FLETCHER`S opens new burger shop in downtown

Category: Fast & Slow Food
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In the striking building behind the Katharinenkirche at the Hauptwache, where until recently the Mantis Bar & Grill was located, another branch of the Frankfurt Burger chain FLETCHER`S has now opened. It is now the fourth branch, which will be followed by two more at the beginning of 2017. The success of the first FLETCHER´S stores has led owner Sam Kamran to decide that his Mantis Bar & Grill has to give way to another store. This is kept in the style of a pop up shop. Of course, this suggests first of all that this will only be a short burger guest performance. But that's not the case: FLETCHER`S is to remain at the main watch for the foreseeable future. And if you look at the popularity of our visit, you can be sure that the concept, which already works so well in Bockenheim, the railway station district and the north-west centre, will also inspire customers at the Hauptwache.

Kamran, who also runs the Café Hauptwache and the Pizzeria Montana, attaches great importance to fresh ingredients and a simple motto: being good is not enough, it should always be a little better. "Better Burger" just now. The meat comes fresh daily from the butcher, the burger rolls are freshly baked and deep-frozen goods are used just as little as artificial additives. This applies not only to the delicious burgers, but also to the crunchy fries.

Whether the normal hamburger, the cheeseburger with Irish Cheddar cheese or the spicy bacon burger with crispy bacon (optionally of course also with cheese) are on the clearly arranged menu. And there is also a meatless variant with the Veggie Falafel Burger. In addition to the classic variant (salted), the French fries can also be enjoyed either seasoned with Cayun or with the homemade mountain cheese sauce - a real recommendation! And the currently so popular sweet potato chips should not be missing either, of course.

You get the feeling that burger shops are shooting up like mushrooms at the moment. But as is so often the case here: Quality prevails. And that seems to be exactly the reason why FLETCHER`S is currently on such a successful track. The burgers taste really fresh and tasty and during our visit even special requests did not change anything about the friendly service. Burger fans should therefore definitely take a look at the Hauptwache!

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