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Freeze herbs with olive oil Photo: Jordan olive oil
Photo: Jordan olive oil

Freeze herbs with olive oil

Category: Kitchen Tip
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Just in summer fresh herbs are something very fine. For example when grilling, preparing spicy dips or refreshing sauces. But unfortunately herbs do not last long. So what do you do when you have too many left? I have a tip for you: Simply freeze the herbs in an ice cube maker with olive oil.

To defrost you must break the frozen herb cubes simply like ice cubes from the maker. In water, the herbs would not survive freezing without damage. In the olive oil you remain intact and fresh. In order to guarantee this, you should always use a high quality olive oil. Then the taste is preserved in any case. Just give it a try!

About Bastian Jordan

Bastian Jordan is 37 years old, has 3 children and is married to his Greek wife Marialena. His grandparents have been travelling Lesbos since the 1970s and emigrated to Lesbos at the end of the 1980s. Together with Jordan's parents they bought an olive grove and built a house there. Since then the family has been producing olive oil there. Even as a little child he climbed the olive trees. This led to a very special relationship and love for olive oil that continues to this day.


You can also find more information about olive oil under:

Text from: Bastian Jordan

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