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October 2019
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Glaabsbräu - A visit to the oldest brewery in southern Hesse and the most modern brewery in Hesse Photo: Glaabsbräu
Photo: Glaabsbräu

Glaabsbräu - A visit to the oldest brewery in southern Hesse and the most modern brewery in Hesse

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That tradition and innovation do not have to be mutually exclusive, Glaabsbräu has proven this in an impressive way. The oldest brewery in southern Hesse reinvented itself three years ago. A complete brewing plant was built in 2015, making the brewery, which was founded in 1744, one of the most modern breweries in Germany. However, Glaabsbräu not only relies on a new brewing plant, a new market presence, but also on a new brewing philosophy. Glaasbräu attaches great importance to brewing its beers completely natural and thus more demanding than the Purity Law. No chemicals, long ripening time and natural hops!

And this is very well received by the consumer. 

With a mixture of generation-spanning experience and the courage to innovate, Glaabsbräu has established itself over the past few months as a kind of start-up with tradition. The attractive expansion of the product range also made a significant contribution to this. In addition to classic, in part award-winning varieties such as Pilsner, Hefeweizen, Naturradler, Export or Kristallweizen, Glaabsbräu also offers craft beers such as "Vicky loves Pale Ale", "Hopfenlust" or "Reifeprüfung". A special highlight that underlines the innovative spirit of the brewery particularly well is the seasonal, regionally inspired mixed beer drink "Glaab`s Grie Soß", which celebrated its acclaimed premiere at the Craftbeer Festival in Frankfurt in spring 2018. 

How all these delicious beers are made is something you can see for yourself. Because Glaabsbräu regularly offers tours through the brewery. Here, too, the small company with a long tradition focuses on a varied range that offers the right something for every taste and every occasion. There is the Classical brewery tour, where visitors can immerse themselves in the exciting history of the private brewery in about two hours and then experience up close how the beers are brewed. Of course, there is also a beer tasting and tasting directly at the tank - the so-called "zwickeln"  - is something special for every beer lover.  A really beautiful, interesting and tasty guided tour in which the mixture of tradition and modern brewing art can be experienced in an entertaining way.

Whoever wants to get the taste buds at their expense during a guided tour, decides for the Braumeister Tasting. In addition to an insight into the new brewery, twelve beers - both in-house and foreign - will be tasted under the guidance of Julian Menner, master brewer and member of the German national team of beer sommeliers. If you love beer, you've certainly dreamed of such a possibility. 

The Magic Brewing Experience, in which the magician Thorstein Gerstentreiber turns a guided tour through the brewery into an evening full of magic and supernatural phenomena, is also dreamlike. A tour that is not only informative, but also astonishes its visitors. 

Whoever wants to experience something really special chooses the brewing experience - with a ride in the Glaabsbräu covered wagon. This guided tour does not only take you through the family exhibition and the new brewery with subsequent tasting. In the covered wagon it goes then also still by the picturesque Seligenstadt - simply beautifully!  

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