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KAFILA by Lala Mamoona - A desert oasis in the asphalt jungle

KAFILA by Lala Mamoona - A desert oasis in the asphalt jungle

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You sit on comfortable cushions in a Bedouin tent, around you sand, palm trees and various seats. You enjoy a fresh mint tea and Moroccan pastries and simply enjoy the sweet idleness. Then you look up a bit - and see the glass tower of the ECB Bank. This isn't some mirage! No, you are in a new, somewhat hidden oasis in the east of Frankfurt. Abdelghani Bibaoune has long been looking for a place where he can experience his Moroccan culture and tradition in an authentic way. He has now found the perfect location on the grounds of the OST>STERN.

The extensive outdoor area of the former Mercedes Benz branch was transformed into a beautiful desert landscape by Bibaoune and his team, which, as KAFILA, invites the guests to experience the culinary tradition and hospitality of Morocco. There are various dishes prepared in the traditional way, as well as cool drinks, the already mentioned mint tea - highly recommended - and also shishas.

These extraordinary locations will also be a regular venue for special events, but even on very "normal" days a visit is a real recommendation just because of the very special atmosphere and the very friendly service. KAFILA by Lala Mamoona is a real enrichment for the OST>STERN, where creativity, art and enjoyment come together on around 10,000 square metres - and of course for the rest of Frankfurt.

For the colder months it is planned to move the great outdoor location completely to one of the factory halls. If this can actually be implemented, then KAFILA is guaranteed to be a real highlight among Frankfurt's gastronomy and event locations even in winter.

Opening hours: Mon rest day, Tue - Thu 18 to 23, Fri/Sat 18 to 0 o'clock, Sun 18 to 23 o'clock

Address: Hanauer Landstraße 121, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

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