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Kish - Persian Cuisine in Bockenheim

Kish - Persian Cuisine in Bockenheim

Category: Restaurants
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The Iranian island of Kish, also known as the "Pearl of the Persian Gulf", was once an important port of call for merchant ships on the Silk Road due to its location. As a result, various cultural influences have come together here. This has also had an effect on Persian food culture: Oriental and Asian influences can be found here, and similarities with Indian cuisine can also be found in the spices. This culinary combination of different cultures is a real feast for the taste buds, which you can see for yourself in the restaurant named after the enchanting island of Kish in Frankfurt Bockenheim.

With over 200 seats in a total of five rooms, the Kish is one of the largest Persian restaurants in Europe, as owner Pourya Feily proudly tells us. The long tradition of Persian cuisine should be experienced here as authentically as possible. Of course, this also means that the guest feels at home immediately. This is not only due to the exotic cosiness of the furnishings, but also to the very friendly and dedicated service. Since the feel-good factor is guaranteed even if the Kish is well attended, the question now arises whether the taste buds will also get their money's worth here.

The answer is quite clear: Yes! Whether at the lunch buffet, which offers a good selection daily between 11:30 and 15 o'clock, or with the dishes from the menu - here the offer convinces with good ingredients and a harmonious coordination of the spices. It is very positive that the spices - above all saffron - give the dishes a very special touch, but never completely dominate them. In this way, all the individual ingredients can develop their flavour well and harmonise perfectly with each other.

The grill dishes such as Tschelo Bakhtiari, a mixed grill skewer with pieces of lamb back fillet and chicken breast fillet, or Tschelo Kabab Torsch, pieces of lamb back fillet marinated in saffron sauce with a delicious pomegranate sauce, are particularly popular with the guests. But of course the menu also has some vegetarian dishes, various salads or spicy sauce dishes to offer. And of course a sweet finish in the form of desserts such as Persian glass noodle ice cream or baked Persian dates with saffron ice cream and cream is also a must.

Whoever comes in a group of several people is recommended to order the different plates offered on the card. Starter plate, side plate, main course plate or dessert plate offer the perfect opportunity to try your hand at the rich variety of Persian cuisine. If the island of Kish is the pearl of the Persian Gulf, then the restaurant Kish is the pearl of Bockenheim - and clearly a real Frankfurt tip!

When? 11:30 - 23:30 o'clock, lunch buffet from 11:30 - 15:00 o'clock

Where? Leipziger Str. 16A, 60487 Frankfurt am Main

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