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The FRITTENWERK brings Canadian specialties to Frankfurt

The FRITTENWERK brings Canadian specialties to Frankfurt

Category: Fast & Slow Food
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Finally it's time: The FRITTENWERK has opened its first branch in the Rhine-Main area. Already after the announcement that the family business would also be coming to Frankfurt after locations in Düsseldorf, Aachen and Cologne, considerable attention was drawn to the social networks. After all, the FRITTENWERK with its Canadian-inspired streetfood could be a real enrichment for the already exciting gastronomic scene in Frankfurt. After our visit to the opening of the branch opposite the main station, we can only say with enthusiasm that this is indeed the case.

The premises, which extend over two floors with continuous greenery, are very attractively designed. The large moss wall alone is a real eye-catcher. But also the design of the remaining walls, the interior and the counter area are very appealing. There is no fast food flair here, but a warm, inviting atmosphere in which one would like to stay a little longer. But of course the guest should not only feel comfortable here. The taste buds should also be pampered. And the FRITTENWERK team really does manage this very convincingly. If you like fries, you are sure to have found your new favourite shop here.

Of course there are the classic fries, also in a garlic variant, as well as sweet potato frits. But the real highlight on offer is the Canadian national dish Poutine: instead of the usual ketchup or mayo, the crispy house fries are served with various toppings and sauces. Whether as a classic Quebec Poutine with a spicy vegetarian roast sauce and a delicate melting Mozzarella Cheese Curds or as a Chili Cheese Frit with homemade Chili Con Carne, Irish Cheddar and spicy Jalapenos or as a Bolofrit with vegan Bolognese, Rucoa, tomatoes and tomato chili pesto, this "mess" (which means Poutine freely translated) is really a pleasure. The BBQ Pulled Pork Poutine is also particularly tasty. The homemade BBQ sauce is pleasantly spicy and the North American-style meat cooked over seven hours is extremely tender. In addition comes still more leckerer Krautsalat.

Sieben Poutine variants in a price range of 5,50 euro to 7,50 euro are in the offer. The portions are quite satiating. The chips, which of course are not deep-frozen goods, have a nice wide cut and are fried in vegetable oil until they are crispy. Also in the sauce they remain crispy for quite a long time. If you still prefer the simple frit variant for the small hunger in between, you should definitely try the homemade dips. Refreshing Lime Mayo, spicy Joppie Sauce or the fiery Hot Green Dip further refine the already good taste of the fries.

The FRITTENWERK manages to implement a good concept convincingly and tastily. A great location with a good offer, either fast for in between or for a comfortable stay - we can therefore recommend a visit here in any case!


Monday to Thursday: 11:30 - 22:00 hrs

Friday to Saturday: 11:30 - 23:00 hrs

Sunday: 11:30 - 21:00 hrs

Where?: Kaiserstraße 76, 60329 Frankfurt

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