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WHISKY FOR LIFE - A paradise for whisky lovers

WHISKY FOR LIFE - A paradise for whisky lovers

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Good Whisky is available in many shops. But a selection put together with a high level of expertise and a lot of passion, very professional and friendly advice in an almost familiar atmosphere - that's rare. In Frankfurt, however, there is a whisky shop that offers just that. Frank Jerger has not only convinced his customers with his shop in the Fahrgasse. The renowned trade magazine Der Whisky-Botschafter also believes that WHISKY FOR LIFE is an excellent whisky story in the truest sense of the word. While in 2017 there was still 3rd place at the "Germany`s Best Whisky Shop Award", Jerger was happy about the second place in 2018. Quality prevails!

The reason for this award is quickly found when you enter the store. The interior radiates an inviting warmth, and even the layman just needs a quick look at the shelves to see that someone is acting here who has an idea of the material and only wants to offer his customers the finest drops. For Frank Jerger, it's quite clear: only whisky that he thinks is particularly good will come into his shop. There may be a few well-known brands among them that can also be found on local supermarket shelves. But in Jerger's shop, whisky lovers will also find many special bottlings that you rarely find.

In addition to numerous Scotch Single Mats from distilleries such as Glendronach, Kilchoman, Balvenie or Laphroaig, the range also includes excellent bottlings from independent bottlers such as Adelphi, AD Rattray, Maltman, Malts of Scotland, The Whisky Chamber, The Whisky Cask or Whisky-Doris, as well as World Whiskeys from Australia, India or the USA. Gin, fruit brandies and calvados, cognac, grappa and rum can also be found at WHISKY FOR LIFE. Frank Jerger is particularly proud that his shop has been the official importer of MICHEL COUVREUR whiskies for Southern Germany since January 2017. It offers all currently available fillings of the various whiskies stored in sherry barrels in the tramline. WHISKY FOR LIFE has also been a proud "Laddie Crew Germany" member since 2017, a kind of message for the fabulous Islay distillery. So once or twice a year you can offer your own Laddie Crew Single Cask Bottlings in barrel strength!

At WHISKY FOR LIFE you can not only buy whiskies, but also learn more about these noble drops and the whisky culture. Tastings on various topics are regularly offered here and "private tastings" are also possible. All this makes WHISKY FOR LIFE one of the best whisky shops in Germany and the first address in Frankfurt for all whisky lovers from the entire region.   

Address: Tramline 6, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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