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January 2020
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With SHARING PLATE on a culinary discovery tour through Frankfurt Photo: Sharing Plate
Photo: Sharing Plate

With SHARING PLATE on a culinary discovery tour through Frankfurt

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Enjoyment is something really nice. Especially if you can share it. Discover new locations, try exciting dishes and share completely new taste experiences with nice people - that's how enjoying is fun! So why not take exactly that as a basis for a city tour of a special kind? The Frankfurt student Kathey Tran came up with this idea during a semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia. There were so many exciting and innovative food concepts here that it was almost impossible to try your hand at this rich offer. So why not order just one or two dishes for several people everywhere in order to experience more taste explosions? 

The experience resulting from this idea inspired Kathey to transfer the concept of a tasting tour through various restaurants from Melbourne to Frankfurt. Interested partners were quickly found and SHARING PLATE was born. Since November, groups of 4 to 10 people have been meeting in the Main metropolis to discover new culinary highlights and meet nice people. Of course, a nice idea is not enough to make such a concept work. Therefore, we wanted to get a picture of SHARING PLATE ourselves - just to quickly see how well thought-out, charming and professional this culinary experience has been. 

The tour to which SHARING PLATE invited us begins in Heilgkreuzgasse near Konstablerwache. In Baltique Deli we are warmly welcomed by Kathey and introduced to the other participants. Right at the beginning it becomes clear what makes this tour so special. On the one hand you get to know new locations even as a real Frankfurt. On the other hand, especially today it is nice to meet new people and maybe even make friends by eating together. As different as the participants of our tour may have been at first glance, they quickly discovered many similarities in conversations. A further point that makes the implementation so successful is that Kathey not only presents the culinary offerings of the venues visited, but also the people behind the scenes who are often not seen as guests. Simply beautiful!

The common way to the next SHARING PLATE partner is then shortened by the second part of the Frankfurt quiz. The question is of course not revealed here, but we were also able to learn a detail about our city that we would have judged quite differently. After a few more minutes we are standing in front of the Burger-Restaurant What`s Beef. The special thing here is not only the interior, through which you really feel as if you had been teleported to New York without further ado. The burger we're allowed to share here is called Selim's ABC. The burger with avocado, bacon and cheddar convinces in taste, but is not the real highlight of our visit here. The side dish, crispy yucca frieze from the cassava root, is a surprising alternative to normal fries or the currently so popular sweet potato frits. Especially with the Aioli Dip this exotic variant can convince. But the big eye-catcher was the dessert: A Choc Shock Shake. Just hammer! The shakes at What`s Beef are generally not only a sweet sin to which one likes to devote oneself. They are also extremely popular photo motifs. What's the matter with you? You should make yourselves absolutely a picture of it.   

Outdoors it dawns meanwhile and we head for the last station: The charming Café Roseli. Although the stomachs are now well filled, we simply cannot resist the temptations offered to us here. In addition to the Roseli Tabouleh lettuce, the vegan Apple Crumble scores particularly well with cinnamon. In addition there is the charming atmosphere of the Cafés, so that we are also more than satisfied at the end of our tour. Full and in an extremely good mood. 

You see, the impression we got from the tour and the SHARING PLATE team was positive all around. We were convinced not only by the culinary offerings of the partners, but also by the charming yet really well thought-out implementation of the concept. By the way, this also includes a goodie bag that every participant receives as a gift. Among other things, there is also an additional incentive to visit the individual locations of the tour again on your own: The Sharing Plate Club card, which has some free spaces on the back. When ordering at least one main course, you will receive a puzzle piece from the respective partner. If the picture is complete, you get a 10 € discount on the next SHARING PLATE Tour. 

By the way, you have the choice between the SHARING DOWNTOWN TOUR we visited, the SHARING BAHNHOFSVIERTEL TOUR, and the SHARING BERGERSTREET TOUR. No question for us that we will try out one of the other two tours as soon as possible. 

By the way, SHARING PLATE founder Kathey really took the motive of sharing to heart. Part of the ticket revenue will therefore be donated to the platform, an initiative of the UN World Food Programme. A great gesture. 

Whether you are new to the city, want to get to know other sides of Frankfurt or just want to spend a good time with nice people, alone, with friends or colleagues, a tour with SHARING PLATE is definitely a special experience. And if you are looking for an original birthday present, you can also give it as a gift voucher. 


The tours usually take place on Saturday or Sunday. Start is then at 11 or at 14 < x>N</x>Tickets are available for 49 € < x>N</x>You will find all further information and booking options under:

Impressions can be found on Instagram @sharingplate_en


The locations of our Sharing Downtown Tour:

Baltique Deli , Heiligkreuzgasse 31, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Tellys TST, Stiftstraße 9-17, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Gangnam, Stiftstraße 6, 60313 Frankfurt am Main 

Cfruitbar, MyZeil, Zeil 106, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

What`s Beef, Seckbächer G. 5, 60311 Frankfurt am Main 

Café Roseli, Weißadlergasse 9, 60311 Frankfurt am Main 

This Downtown Tour alternatively also includes The Foccaceria. Here the tour participants can expect authentic Italian focaccias as well as homemade pasta. A treat!

Die Foccaceria, Große Bockenheimer Str. 30, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

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