Big Attractor / La Bourse

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Gallus Theatre
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18.09.2019 - 19:00 Clock (Wednesday)
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Gallus Theatre
Kleyerstraße 15
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Michael Sell (1942) is a composer and creator of unique ways of making music. Born in Königstein (Taunus) as a child of musicians, he first studied political science and natural sciences, but soon switched to music. As a trumpeter, he was the herald of free jazz before shifting his focus to compositional work from 1978 onwards: the composer, a member of the Darmstadt Secession, is in his 40th professional jubilee.


This autumn there will be the composition "Großer Attraktor" complete with the concertante scenes I,II,III,IV for soprano, mezzo-soprano, countertenor, baritone and large orchestra (UA) by Michael Sell and the concertante interpretation of "La Bourse" by G.P. Telemann from the year 1720 left to the world by Liebfrauenberg in Frankfurt am Main, version for trumpet, viola, percussion and large orchestra op 12794.


"La Bourse" refers to Telemann's setting of the Börsenkrachs 295 years ago. This time it will be played in a version for trumpet, viola, percussion and large orchestra.


In this year's concert cycle, the composer presents a world premiere of contemporary modern music and works from previous years, which will again provide surprising listening experiences.


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Big Attractor / La Bourse

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