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From the life of a good-for-nothing

Stage & Book - Theater
Theater DIE KATAKOMBE e...V.
Event dates:
Entry: 20 to 30 Euro, reduced 15 Euro
Theater DIE KATAKOMBE e...V.
Pfingstweidstr. 2
60316 Frankfurt am Main

Longing for the distance leads the young son of a miller out into the world where he wants to make his fortune. He roams aimlessly with his violin and lets his fate be determined by chance and adventure. He tries his hand at gardening and customs, falls in love with a seemingly tall lady: Aurelie. The unwillingness to send himself into a bourgeois life and the inaccessibility of his lovers drive him further to Italy. After many harassments, flirtations and stalking, the opaque "confusion with the heart" unravels and the good-for-nothing is still saved for the righteous bourgeoisie. Or??


He's a human being, and he's so human that he doesn't want to be anything at all, and he can't be anything else: that's why he's the good-for-nothing. His humanity is convincing and exemplary German, and although his format is so modest, one would like to proclaim: truly, the German human being!

(Thomas Mann)


In Eichendorff again the shiny, dream overhanging, the tailing, with lust minor in the German being, where something charming is, but which must have a measure in itself, otherwise it becomes empty and repulsive.


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From the life of a good-for-nothing
February 2020
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