Hans Gerzlich - The little bit of housekeeping is no problem - I thought

stage Ampersand book - Cabaret & comedy
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Waldschmidtstraße 19
60316 Frankfurt am Main

"You're home all day!" Do you know this sentence? Hans Gerzlich does, too. From his own mouth. He has said it often enough - to his wife. Like almost all women in the profession, she would be paid less than him anyway and would have fewer chances of promotion. But suddenly there's a pandemic, suddenly he's in a home office and suddenly she gets a mega job offer; in online retail. He always wanted to be master of the house, now he is: she makes a career, he the household.

And learns about a life in which he no longer keeps fit by playing tennis with his buddies after hours, but by hanging beds and doing laundry, mopping shirts and ironing dust. A life without recognition, without pay, but often with double shifts. Women know this - and so does he. For Gerzlich it's now: children, kitchen, career woman. Unfortunately, she comes home from the office in the evening in a good mood, in the mood for sex - and he has a headache.

Hans Gerzlich: "To the premiere in the Lach- und Schieß wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung, is good comedy, also has depth, but is equal rights for women, equal opportunities and so still a topic today? We've had that for a long time! Then I knew, I am on the right track."

Info: From 11.10. applies in the KÄS the 2G rule. More at: https://www.diekaes.de/

Hans Gerzlich - The little bit of housekeeping is no problem - I thought
December 2021
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