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Enjoying sustainably and protecting the climate - these are the central themes of Klimagourmet 2.1! This year, Frankfurt/Rhine-Main from 16 - 26 September celebrates the festival in the region, on the web and for the first time with the updated travelling exhibition. All those interested will be offered a huge variety of programmes, this year ranging from smart phone rallies, vegetarian cooking workshops, growing your own food, enjoying street food, climate learning workshops for school classes and a children's upcycling workshop. A pub quiz on zero food waste and a museum tour entitled "What will we be eating in 2040?" are also on the extensive menu.

Enjoying regional and solidarity

A key theme this year is also independent, regional and solidarity-based eating styles. Food cooperatives, direct producers, urban gardeners and other initiatives will be demonstrating their commitment and putting their local treasures in the spotlight in an enjoyable way. Tortuga Eschersheim is gardening in the middle of the city, the Dottenfelderhof is presenting its agroforestry and at the "Medicinal Plants of the Gods" event, participants will learn how tea and tinctures are made from the dried leafy greens of the medicinal plant Artemisia Annua.

With the app Actionbound, the Climate Gourmet Festival is offering three smartphone rallies this year: One on the topic of sustainable and climate-conscious nutrition ("Become a climate hero!"), one on plastic waste ("Attention, plastic bomb!") and a rally around sustainable nutrition through the Bornheim district ("Nutrition Action in Bornheim").

Less meat means more climate protection

The 2021 festival aims to once again show how delicious and creative vegetarian or vegan food can be. Those who choose a vegetarian dish simultaneously reduce their own carbon footprint. Meat consumption includes many factors that harm the climate. Seasonal vegetables, vegan dishes, leftover food and many other possibilities protect the environment and the climate. This is also shown by the diverse program points of the festival Klimagourmet 2.1.

Program highlights

Zero Waste for kids: Upcycling workshop for seven to twelve year olds where kids learn what they can make from scraps.

From field to table: interactive pop-up dinner at the Dottenfelderhof. Ingredients for the dishes are partly harvested on site.

Global, regional - doesn't matter? Are we eating up our future? Lectures and discussion on challenges of sustainable, climate-friendly nutrition

.Self-sufficiency with fruits and vegetables - the workshop is dedicated to the topic from growing plan to preservation

Cooking with the vegetable box: Live workshop on seasonal and local cooking with less waste

Harvest Thanksgiving at Emma Metzler Restaurant: Six-course menu with ingredients from the permaculture farm

Online wine tasting: In an online stream, the Schütte eco-winery reveals the secrets and background of organic wine and its cultivation. Those who want to taste the flavors order a tasting package in advance.

Please note:

The number of participants of the actions is partly limited. Registrations are accepted directly by the respective organizing initiatives. Unless otherwise noted, the events are free of charge. For contacts and information on Covid-19-related security measures, see the online program at www.klimagourmet.de.

Interactive Traveling Exhibition

The vernissage of the touring exhibition directly follows the kick-off event in Brentano Park, with Klimagourmet 2.1 starts on 16 September at 6 pm. The exhibition answers questions such as: Do imported vegetables always cause more carbon dioxide (CO2) than regional ones? How high is the CO2 footprint of the delicious steak on our plate?

On average, greenhouse gas emissions from food account for 15 percent of the personal CO2 footprint per capita in Germany. Climate gourmets do without CO2, but not without pleasure. The exhibition shows this and much more, providing food for thought and suggestions for a climate-friendly diet.

You can find the entire program and all other info HERE

Klimagourmet 2.1
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