Like you! Friendship digital and analog!

Museum for Communication Frankfurt
Event dates:
Entry: From 6 years: 1,50 Euro / from 18 years: 5,00 Euro
Museum for Communication Frankfurt
Schaumainkai 53
60596 Frankfurt am Main

What does friendship mean to us? Where and how do we make friends today? How have smartphones and social networks changed the way we think about friendship? The revolutionary development of means of communication makes it easier for us to stay in touch, but virtual networking may also lead to arbitrariness and interchangeability. And how was that before? The exhibition asks visitors about their ideas and their own experiences with the theme of friendship - then and now.


Opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 9 to 18 o'clock

Saturday, Sunday and public holiday: 11 to 19 o'clock


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Like you! Friendship digital and analog!

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