Pit Hartling

stage Ampersand book - Cabaret and variety
Event dates:
Waldschmidtstraße 19
60316 Frankfurt am Main

"Pit Hartling works wonders - stand-up magic"

It's getting magical at the KÄS! Pit Hartling combines comedy and magic in his program: you will laugh and marvel when the laws of nature seem to be suspended with playful ease. Solid objects dissolve into thin air, float or transform, unbelievable coincidences occur, and in between Pit Hartling tramples privacy and data protection underfoot and unabashedly reads the minds of his guests. Pit Hartling works wonders is a multi-award-winning evening full of incomprehensible magic and questionable word jokes. And although you are very close, you think you are not quite there. You will not forget this evening guaranteed so quickly again!

Info: From 11.10. applies in the KÄS the 2G rule. More at: https://www.diekaes.de/

Pit Hartling
December 2021
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