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For several weeks now, contact blocks and "physical distancing" have been determining everyday life. At the moment - and probably in the near future - a normal everyday life is out of question. So the evening program is limited to the own four walls, which means that restaurants, cultural institutions, clubs and of course the whole German bar scene will suffer. That's why bar owners are looking for new ways to stay afloat financially. After all, nobody knows at the moment how long bars will have to stay closed. At the same time, cocktail lovers are nostalgically longing for great drinks, interpersonal interaction and special evenings in their bars.

And this is exactly where the innovative Berlin start-up ShakeNight comes in with a new project. The mission: To bring people - be it whole teams or individuals - together online with bar culture and cocktail enjoyment and to support the bar community in the current difficult times.

Normally, ShakeNights are held locally in bars in different cities in Germany - as in Frankfurt. With "ShakeNight Live", the start-up company has, in short, digitalized its business model and creates a bar atmosphere in German living rooms. Guided by real heroes behind the bar, the participants are digitally initiated into the secrets of the art of cocktails via live video. The workshop guarantees an interactive online live experience, enables entertaining evenings with other learning-joyful bar enthusiasts and, under the hashtag #SHARITY, also serves a good cause.</Because the #SHARITY campaign launched by ShakeNight draws attention to the current very challenging situation and, according to the motto and the initiative of the same name, #supportyourlocalbar, donations are collected for the bar scene!</And this is how it works:</p>

You can find a ShakeNight LIVE event on On various dates, digital events on topics such as gin, whisky, rum, Bramble cocktails or Cosmopolitan cocktails can be found here. The participation costs between 19 and 29 €. Together with other participants 3 delicious cocktail recipes will be prepared. All participants need are ingredients and a few tools for shaking. If you don't have these at home, there are also enough replacement tools from the normal household. All necessary information incl. shopping list will be sent in advance after the booking.

All further information about ShakeNight initiatives and digital team events can be found here:

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