Willy Astor - Hunters of the Lost Phrase

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stage Ampersand book - Cabaret & comedy
Tent Palace at Deutsche Bank Park
Event dates:
Tent Palace at Deutsche Bank Park
Mörfelder Landstraße 362, Parkplatz P9
60528 Frankfurt am Main

If you like word acrobatics, you love Willy Astor. Now he's finally coming back to Frankfurt for a guest performance at the Zeltpalast at Deutsche Bank Park. Here the podium singer Willy Astor presents his program for word acrobats and is the hunter of the lost sentence. Everything that is suspected or missed in the German language finally comes to light!

The syllabic fisherman and comedy mechanic from Bavaria is on the road again with new word fun and goes in search of subject, object and glutamate. A program in rhyme culture, as always, the humor comes again directly from the producer, a real Astor again so what else.

Astor tells senseless stories with depth and meaning, sings love songs and eye songs, lightly accompanied on guitar and piano, he will not play as well as the Paolo conte , but sings of pasta that used to be dough and sees women in New York like to sweep at thunder.

Conclusion: this loopy world needs just this program. Silliness still prevents the seriousness of the situation - at least since Lena Mayer rests in the country. Have fun switching off and laughing.

Astor says: Of all the Täxten, are the verhäxten me am Näxten - I find them am Bäxten.

Willy Astor - Hunters of the Lost Phrase
August 2022
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