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320,000 coffee to go cups are thrown away every hour!

320,000 coffee to go cups are thrown away every hour!

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320,000 coffee to go cups are used every hour in Germany alone. The following web page gives tips for remedy:


Refilling returnable to go cups is a clean thing.

A current survey of the German Environmental Aid among hygiene offices and coffee to go providers shows: The filling of returnable cups is legally permitted and a lived practice. Take part.

The filling of privately brought returnable cups in coffee houses is a clean thing, can be implemented without problems and is not prohibited by legal regulations. This is the result of a recent survey conducted by Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) among hygiene offices and coffee to go providers. The DUH requests coffee house chains to introduce returnable cup systems and to refill cups brought along by customers.

"Numerous country widely active coffee house chains, bakeries or Dienstleister in the operating catering trade fill already today privately brought along cups. For many years there have also been self-service machines where consumers can, of course, have their coffee filled into their returnable cups. Hygiene concerns expressed by the German Coffee Association are nothing but smoke candles and a desperate attempt to divert attention from the littering of cities with paper cups," explains DUH Federal Managing Director Jürgen Resch.

The Food Hygiene Ordinance does not prohibit the refilling of returnable cups brought along. Any adverse influence on other foodstuffs behind the service counter must be ruled out by clear rules. When filling behind the counter, the cup should be visually inspected by employees and filled without touching the filling spout. On professional coffee machines, the height of the filling spout is easily adjustable.

"The offer of uniform returnable deposit cups for coffee house chains that are returned and rinsed after use is completely unproblematic. Anyone who fills their returnable cups with coffee at home and drinks them on the move also saves on disposable cups - without alleged hygienic problems," says Thomas Fischer, DUH's head of recycling management.

In order to support restaurateurs in filling returnable cups, DUH has developed a fact sheet with instructions for action after intensive discussions with hygiene offices and coffee to go providers. The Hygiene Fact Sheet and press photos can be downloaded free of charge at


Jürgen Resch | Federal Managing Director | 0171 3649170 | resch@duh.en
Thomas Fischer | Head of Environmental Services | 030 2400 867-43 | 0151 18256692 |

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