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Nils Henkel as a guest at the Genussakademie

Nils Henkel as a guest at the Genussakademie

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Henkel's cuisine is worldly and modern, but at its heart is what would best be described today as New German Cuisine. And it's also the focus of his two spectacular Cooking courses at the Genussakademie Frankfurt - where you can learn first-hand from Nils Henkel how to compose his feather-light, elegant works of art, and not only watch him at work, but also lend a hand yourself.

From the delicately arranged "Spring Beet" to the virtuoso pairing of Arctic char with elderberry caper vinaigrette, watercress and char caviar, and a spiced duck with green asparagus, morels and pea cream to coconut milk rice with rhubarb ginger ice cream, mango and coriander, Nils Henkel explains in detail how to prepare the different courses, so that you can then also prepare a menu "Pure Nature" on your own stove. A great opportunity (and excellent gift idea for gourmets and hobby chefs!), because Henkel is already looking for a new culinary venue, which will then tie him to a place for the long term.
So take advantage of this little "time tunnel" in which this fine artist at the stove shares his knowledge!

Spring Bedding
The first garden herbs, young vegetables
Ocean char
Elderberry-caper vinaigrette, watercress, char caviar
Green asparagus, morels, peascr<x>ampersand</x>egrave;me
Coconut milk rice
Rhubarb ginger ice cream, mango, cilantro

Tuesday, 12.04.2016, 6:30pm
Wednesday, 04/13.2016, 18:30 Uhr


The Genussakademie Medienhaus, Ludwigstraße 33-37, Frankfurt am Main

199 <x>ampersand</x>euro;, Only a few places left!

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