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Preview of the VDP.GROSS GEWÄCHSE in Wiesbaden

Preview of the VDP.GROSS GEWÄCHSE in Wiesbaden

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The international wine elite meets in Wiesbaden for the tasting of the new vintage

September 1 is a date that wine lovers eagerly await every year: it is the day when the VDP.GROSSEN GEWÄCHSE (GG), Germany's "Grand Crus", are launched.

120 hand-picked sommeliers, wine merchants and journalists from all over the world have the opportunity to get an idea of the new vintage at an exclusive tasting a few days before the deadline.

"With the 2015 vintage, great things are to be expected from the GREAT: After a hot, dry summer with short, cooler periods, the estates were able to get excellent qualities out of the vineyards with a relatively early harvest. Therefore, wines full of intensity are to be expected from the fillets of the best VDP sites, which express the site character of their respective vineyard in a complex and precise way", this is the positive preliminary assessment of VDP.president Steffen Christmann.

586 Grosse Gewächse will be brought to market by 178 members of the Verband der Prädikatsweingüter (VDP) this year at the beginning of September. Of these, 437 wines from 264 sites of 147 wineries will be presented to the expert tasters from 23 countries in Wiesbaden. Due to the large number of wines, the preview, which is considered to be "one of the best organized wine tastings in the world", has been extended to three tasting days for the first time. Under the motto "Everything but Riesling", the wine experts had the opportunity as early as on Sunday to taste the Burgundy grape varieties, Silvaner and Lemberger, in order to be able to focus on Riesling on the other two tasting days. Riesling is the most shown grape variety with 271 wines, it is planted on 55% of the vineyard area in the VDP - and represents a proud 7% of the world Riesling cultivation.

The official premiere tasting for the professional audience will take place on September 12 in Berlin. With a record participation of 132 winemakers, the tasting marks the start of the VDP.GROSSE LAGE tour of three VDP.regional groups that will follow in January 2017, touring Germany from Hamburg to Constance and from Cologne to Dresden, with fruity-sweet wines from VDP.GROSSER LAGE in their luggage as well. All tour dates can be found at

VDP.Die Prädikatsweingüter

The VDP is the oldest national association of top wine estates in the world. 198 Prädikatsweingüter have self-imposed strict quality standards and benchmarks - from vineyard to bottle. The four-level VDP.classification pyramid, adopted in 2012, defines the quality of their wines according to origin: VDP.GUTSWEIN, VDP.ORTSWEIN, VDP.ERSTE LAGE and VDP.GROSSE LAGE. The VDP. grape eagle on the bottle capsule is the quality seal. It stands for a terroir-formed and artisanal vinification

Text from: VDP

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