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The new tea trend: Matcha Premix - uncomplicated and easy to prepare

The new tea trend: Matcha Premix - uncomplicated and easy to prepare

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Matcha, the green tea wonder from Japan is the trend drink from New York to Tokyo this year. The tea house Ronnefeldt has composed a practical variant for everyday life with the noble, jade-green tea powder, the "Matcha Premix", which can be prepared quickly and easily. The new tea drink can be enjoyed as a "Matcha Latte" or "Matcha Shot" and is thus a varied alternative to Latte Macchiato, Espresso & Co. The third variant, "Matcha Frozen" is ideal for the hot days of the year and is a soothing, invigorating and refreshing addition alongside the Ronnefeldt "Ice Tea Classics".

Matcha tea is made from hand-picked green tea leaves whose tea bushes are shaded for up to four weeks before harvest. This produces an extremely dark green leaf with valuable ingredients. After harvesting, the tea leaves are steamed, dried and freed from stems and leaf veins. Only the superfine leaf tissue is used for Matcha. This is used to make the so-called "Tencha", which is ground in granite stone mills to produce the fine jade-green powder. Since with matcha, unlike classic green tea, the whole leaf pulp is drunk, it has a naturally invigorating, antioxidant effect while providing a sense of well-being and an energy boost. The preparation of matcha is still celebrated today in the in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, as developed by the Japanese tea master Sen no Rikyu back in the 16th century.

In its preparation, Matcha differs from the classic Ronnefeldt tea assortment, as the green tea powder is whipped to the so-called "Chasen" (bamboo whisk). Due to its growing popularity, matcha is also increasingly used in specialties in patisserie and haute cuisine.


Matcha Premix

Japan, Spring

Matcha tea as a drink mix

200 g 16,90 €<x><N</x>

Matcha Hikari

Japan, Spring

Fruity note and rich aroma

30 g 27,90 €


Matcha Horai

Japan Spring

Mild and sweet organic matcha

30 g 34,90 €

Text from: Teehaus Ronnefeldt

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