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September 2020
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Curtain up for the ASTOR Film Lounge in MyZeil

Curtain up for the ASTOR Film Lounge in MyZeil

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After a relatively short guest appearance on the roof of the former shopping centre Zeil Galerie, the premium cinema ASTOR Film Lounge had to close its doors again about three years ago. The reason for this was not weak visitor numbers, but the demolition of the Zeil Galerie. However, the Hamburg cinema entrepreneur Hans-Joachim Flebbe did not want to give up the Frankfurt location. For a long time, a location was sought that could meet the demands of a premium cinema. It wasn't easy, because - and anyone who knows about rents in Frankfurt can confirm this - finding something affordable in the required size proved to be extremely difficult. 

But then Flebbe and Marcus Schwartz, Center Manager of MyZeil, met. He was urgently looking for a suitable entertainment concept for the FOODTOPIA on the 4th floor of the shopping centre, which was still in the planning phase at the time. There were plenty of ideas - from a branch of Madame Tussauds to a climbing hall and a bowling alley - but none of them really caught on. But after meeting  the passionate film lover Hans-Joachim Flebbe it was clear: a premium cinema would be perfect for the concept of FOODTOPIA. The location also met the expectations of the ASTOR founder. In any case, this time he wanted to build not just one, but several halls in order to offer the audience the widest possible choice of films. 

The reconstruction did not always prove easy. The large cinema could not be built as large as Flebbe would have wished and there were also some pillars that he would have liked to remove, but this was not possible for structural reasons. But now it's done: The ASTOR FILM LOUNGE in the MyZeil is open and offers first-class cinema enjoyment in 5 halls: From the cloakroom and the welcome cocktail to the adjustable reclining chairs in the cinema halls, service at the seat during the pre-programme and parking facilities directly in the building, guests can expect a level of comfort they have never experienced before in the cinema. A movie theatre to feel good in.

The guest and the relaxed cinema experience is the focus of attention. Especially in times when streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or soon Disney + are becoming increasingly competitive for movie theatres, Hans-Joachim Flebbe wants to show with his premium cinema that cinema is the place for which films are made and where they develop their magic. Flebbe and the Cinemaxx group once co-founded the multiplexes that for many people are the reason why they no longer go to the cinema: long queues at the box office and the food counter, the not exactly pleasant smell of nachos with cheese sauce, annoying mobile phone calls during the film and other inconveniences ensure that the choice between cinema and home couch is not really difficult. With the ASTOR FILM LOUNGE Flebbe wants to make cinema a real option again. 

And he has succeeded in doing so with this new premium cinema. The seating comfort is first-class, the service at the beautiful bar, which can be visited even when not watching a film, and also the really special atmosphere in the small library cinemas make Frankfurt's ASTOR FILM LOUNGE the "place to be" for all cinema lovers. In addition to the large hall with about 200 seats, there are two medium-sized halls with about 90 seats as well as two club cinemas in the library look with about 45 seats each.

In front of the large (to medium-sized) screens, visitors can enjoy the films on comfortable leather armchairs with movable backrests and a large row distance. In the rear box area, the armchairs even allow you to put your feet up - everything is fully electric and as comfortable as at home on the sofa. The projection and sound systems are also state of the art with modern digital projection including 3D technology and laser projection. In the large hall the currently best sound system DOLBY ATMOS provides a "3D feeling for the ears". Screen curtains and an elaborate light installation give the term "cinema" a real meaning here once again.

The admission prices range from 10 euros to 15.50 euros for regular film screenings - including welcome cocktail and cloakroom. These are really moderate prices considering the service and atmosphere that is offered here. Many films are shown in their original version with subtitles. In addition, there will also be special screenings such as the popular opera broadcasts. Of course, these unfold a very special charm in the ambience of the ASTOR FILM LOUNGE. We are very enthusiastic about the new ASTOR FILM LOUNGE and can warmly recommend a visit.The current programme, online tickets and all other information can be found at https://frankfurt.premiumkino.en/a>

Address: ASTOR Film Lounge MyZeil, Zeil 106, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

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