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Frankfurter Stadtgeläute - Ein Konzert mit 50 Glocken

Frankfurter Stadtgeläute - Ein Konzert mit 50 Glocken

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It's always a very special event that many Frankfurters gather on and around the Römerberg: The great Frankfurt city ringing. This worldwide unique interplay of vin 50 bells of the ten inner city churches provides many goose bumps and has meanwhile become a real community experience. Especially on Christmas Eve families, friends, but also many people who celebrate Christmas alone meet here to listen to the sound of the bells. They are offered a unique, half-hour concert.

The first one is the Paulskirche (6 bells). Its sound is followed by the Katharinenkirche (4 bells) at the Hauptwache, the Liebfrauenkirche (5 bells), the Peterskirche (4 bells) and the Dominikanerklosterkirche (3 bells).

The Leonhardskirche (6 bells), the Karmeliterklosterkirche (4 bells), the Alte Nikolaikirche (4 bells) on the Römerberg and the Dreikönigskirche (5 bells) located on the southern side of the Main River (dribbdebach) are then integrated into the common choir.

Finally the ringing of the link _blank> Kaiserdoms (9 bells), you can almost feel the sound waves physically.

Because the "Gloriosa", with its almost 12000 kilograms the second largest bell in Germany, not only overlays its eight smaller colleagues in the Cathedral with its powerful voice.

The best way to experience the sound is to take a tour. Only then can all the individual bells be heard, since the range of sound and the way in which the individual bells are played are very different.

The most popular locations are the Hauptwache, Liebfrauenberg, Paulsplatz, Römerberg and Eiserne Steg.

Especially on Christmas Eve thousands of visitors flock to the "Große Stadtgeläute" in Frankfurt City.


·  Saturday before Easter (Holy Saturday from 16.30 hrs)

·  Saturday before Whitsuntide (from 16.30 hrs)

·  Saturday before the 1st Advent (from 16. Advent)

·  Saturday before the 1st Advent (from 16. Advent)

· .30 Uhr)

·  Christmas Eve (from 17 Uhr)

History of the Frankfurt city ringing

In 1954, Professor Paul Smets of Mainz was commissioned by the Frankfurt magistrate to devise the concept of coordinating all the individual bells of the ten inner-city churches in order to create a unique sound experience.

However, the tradition of the city ringing goes far back into the year 1347.

For the first time, the common ringing of all Frankfurt churches resounded at the solemn funeral mass for Emperor Ludwig the Bavarians.

Even on later occasions, such as the elections of kings and emperors or Goethe's 100th birthday in 1849, the bells of the Frankfurt churches were rung.

In May 1856 the Senate of the Free Imperial City of Frankfurt decided to organize a chime for the high church festivals - quasi the forerunner of the "Great Ringing of the City" of today

The Ringing of the City on CD

The CD "Frankfurt am Main: Glocken, Glockenspiel, Großes Stadtgeläute" contains not only a tour of the Großes Stadtgeläute, but also sound examples of individual bells and 3 choral movements. The CD is available at the Dommuseum and at CD´s at the Goethehaus (Am Salzhaus 1).

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