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Frankfurt's smallest and most bizarre museum: The Hammer Museum

Frankfurt's smallest and most bizarre museum: The Hammer Museum

Category: Museums & Art
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Craftsmanship and manual thinking are enormously important for Oskar Mahler, the district sculptor of Frankfurt's railway district. That's why he's so fascinated by hammers. After all, the hammer is one of man's oldest tools and is still used today in an unbelievably large number of variants for even more different purposes. The idea of exhibiting his steadily growing collection of hammers in the station district seemed a little crazy at first. But master shoemaker Wolfgang Lenz was very impressed by this and provided Mahler with the first floor of his shoemaker's shop in Münchener Straße. The Hammer Museum was opened in 2005 and initial doubts as to whether there might be interested parties have long since dispelled.

The Hammer Museum has long been a permanent institution in the station district. A spiral staircase leads to the upper floor, where several hundred hammers from different countries and eras, from different professions and of different sizes can be seen. Some of the pieces are presented with winking irony, which gives the whole thing even more charm.

Who wants to learn more about the collection has the opportunity to book a guided tour through Oskar Mahler. And there is also a very special hammer offer: After registration you can also have breakfast in the really unique ambience of the museum.

Interested persons can visit the museum free of charge during opening hours. Donations are of course very welcome. Whether jokes, jewellery or utensils, if you want to learn more about the hammer or just want to visit the most extraordinary museum of the city, you should definitely stop by here.  

When? Mon - Fri 07:30 - 18:30, Sat 09:00 - 13:00

Wh? Schuhmacherei Lenz, 1. OG, Münchener Str. 36, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

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