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The Bread Factory - The Cultural Centre of Hausen

The Bread Factory - The Cultural Centre of Hausen

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In a city like Frankfurt something is constantly changing somewhere. And it is usually the case that the old is simply torn down so that something new can emerge there. So it is all the nicer when very special sites are preserved and simply reused. For example the premises in Hausen, where bread was still baked until the early 1970s. Since 1981 the premises of the Hausener Brotfabrik have been a place of culture and encounter, which is now used by various institutions. Two stages, an event hall, two catering establishments and psychosocial projects have breathed new life into the bread factory.  

The heart of the project is, of course, cultural project 21, which organises concerts, readings and club evenings on the site. While the focus used to be on jazz and world music, the musical spectrum has expanded considerably over the years. Pop, singer-songwriter, ska, rock - almost all styles are represented in the Brotfabrik's calendar of events. In addition, there are regular events such as the minus50plus Party or Noche de Salsa, which have long attracted a loyal regular audience. Readings and performances by the Freie Autoren Theater can also be experienced regularly in the Brotfabrik.     

In addition to some social facilities such as a center for integral body therapy, gastronomy also provides for the revitalization of the site. On the one hand there is the kp21, the restaurant in the bread factory, which offers beside small dishes like sandwiches or chili con carne also various salads, pasta, fish or meat dishes, as well as seasonal kitchen. And on the other hand there is the cosy Melo Bar, where beside  warm and cold tapas like dates in a bacon coat, Gambas al ajillo, olives with sheep cheese or nachos with guacamole and sour cream also salads and burgers are on the menu. And from time to time there is live music in the Melo Bar.

In the last 37 years a lot has happened in the bread factory. But one thing has always remained the same: it is a very atmospheric place where you can enjoy culture, but also simply enjoy being together. A very good example that also the old can be used to create something new.

Traditionally, a nice summer party with all local institutions is celebrated here every year. So also on August 12th, where there will be live music, workshops, tasty food and much more. More info can be found HERE 

Address: Bachmannstr. 2-4, 60488 Frankfurt

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