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The Historical Museum Frankfurt makes city history come alive

The Historical Museum Frankfurt makes city history come alive

Category: Museums & Art
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2017 brings great changes for the Historical Museum. At the end of the year the large new building will finally be opened, which will offer a lot of additional exhibition space on four floors. After the concrete block built in the early 70s, which never really fitted into the appearance of the Römerberg, was demolished in 2011, the completely renovated old buildings were reopened in 2012. This was the first big step for the new Historical Museum. This process will be completed in 2017 with the new building, the return of the Children's Museum and the new Museum Square, which is accessible to all. The Historical Museum will then be able to achieve its goal of documenting Frankfurt's history and bringing it to life even better.

However, a visit to the museum is already a must for everyone who wants to get to know the eventful history of the city better. The museum houses objects from a total of 15 collection areas, from paintings to photographs, graphics, ceramics, glass, metal, everyday culture, household or fashion and textiles. The permanent exhibitions take visitors through Frankfurt in the Middle Ages, the Late Middle Ages, the 16th - 18th centuries and the present day. In addition to the imperial insignia, the clock room in the Rententurm or the valuable earth globe by Johannes Schöner from 1515, the old town model by the Treuner brothers is one of the great highlights of a visit to the Historical Museum. Of course, there are also exciting temporary exhibitions and special events on a regular basis. Since all this already gives the Historical Museum in the city a very special position, one can be extremely curious to see how the offer will change after the opening of the new extension and its departments "Frankfurt once? (divided into five subject areas) and "Frankfurt now".

The special guided tour through the Historical Museum with Lisbet Windsor II.

Whoever wants to discover the Historical Museum in a very special way should definitely join one of the many guided tours. A very special highlight are the informative and amusing guided tours, which Frankfurt's popular Travestiestar and cabaret artist Thomas Bäppler-Wolf alias Bäppi La Belle offers in his parading role as Lisbet Windsor II. As an original from Frankfurt, Bäppi is a perfect match for the Historisches Museum and takes his cultural mission as a museum guide very seriously. Of course, Her Majesty will not let her spice the whole thing up with warm Frankfurt charm and humour. But also the information content is not neglected in this entertaining tour. Thus, those who want to get to know parts of the Historical Museum in an extraordinary way should not miss this royal guided tour. But of course there are also numerous other thematic tours, such as those around the Rententurm, which can be warmly recommended to anyone interested. All dates can be found HIER in the calendar of events of the museum.

Where? Fahror 2, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Opening Hours Closed Monday, Tuesday to Sunday: 10-17 h, Wednesday: 10-21 h

Further information on the offer, the guided tours and the special events can also be found at:

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