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The Iron Bridge - One of the best-known pedestrian bridges in Germany

The Iron Bridge - One of the best-known pedestrian bridges in Germany

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The Iron Bridge, the most important pedestrian link from "hibdebach" to "dribdebach" (from the old town to Sachsenhausen opposite), was completed in 1869.

The neo-Gothic 170 m long pedestrian bridge consists of a riveted steel framework with two current bridge piers. It was built and operated by a private company.

The Main crossing was once only possible for a fee (1 Kreutzer once or 6 guilders a year).

1886 the bridge came into urban possession, and the crossing was now free.

Shortly before the end of the Second World War the bridge was blown up.

Already in 1946 the Iron Bridge was rebuilt according to old plans and using the previous construction.

1993 became the old Frankfurt joke - "Say one to the other: Have you heard the Iron Footbridge is being torn down? Why's that? Egg, the woodworm is inside" - then sad reality

The bridge had to be completely renovated.

However, it was not the woodworms that were the cause, but the iron guzzling.

Corrosion gnawed at steel over the decades, and so it was finally renewed in 1993 for over DM 16 million. The Holbeinsteg was installed as a replacement. But just over a year later the Iron Bridge shone again in its old glory.

Now it also has two lifts and can now be passed by wheelchairs and prams without any problems.

From the centre of the pedestrian bridge you have a wonderful view of the skyline, the Nice Gardens and the Museumsufer.

The Iron Footbridge has become a charming landmark of the Main metropolis because of its location and its silhouette, which characterises the cityscape.

Max Beckmann, who lived not far from the Iron Bridge during his time in Frankfurt, has created a painting that has the Iron Bridge as its central object.

Our tip: From the Bootshaus Dreyer you can comfortably enjoy the skyline and the sunset at the Stöffche.

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