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The Seehotel Niedernberg - pure relaxation in the village by the lake Photo: Markus Püttmann
Photo: Markus Püttmann

The Seehotel Niedernberg - pure relaxation in the village by the lake

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Living in the big city - life pulsates everywhere. Noise, skyscraper gorges, hectic rush and hustle and bustle dominate everyday life here. That has its advantages, but it also leads to the fact that one yearns again and again for a restful time out. Simply switch off, enjoy peace and relaxation. For many this means packing their things and travelling abroad. Somewhere where an idyll awaits pure. But why wander into the distance when the good is so close? Because only about 30 minutes by car from Frankfurt there is a place where you automatically switch to relaxation mode on arrival. The Seehotel Niedernberg, with its charming ensemble of houses and picturesque lake, is a very special place to feel at home. 80 rooms are spread across the houses that make up the village on the lake, ranging from classic single or double rooms without a view of the lake to panoramic double rooms or spacious themed suites. All rooms are characterised by high-quality furnishings and individual design. This is comfortable and extremely comfortable. The rooms can also be booked in combination with various packages and arrangements. The various wellness arrangements are particularly attractive, as the Seehotel has a wide range of wellness offers, which will even be expanded in the future to include a few more highlights. 

Besides various saunas, a water world, a fitness room or the quiet living room, you can also indulge yourself with various treatments and body rituals. A sensory journey to the paradisiacal islands of the Pacific with the body ritual "Polynesia", a strengthening body experience with the "herbal magic", a true wellness symphony or a soothing velvet & silk body wrap are just some of the offers that will make you feel reborn.      

Wellness and cosiness thus provide a very high feel-good factor in the Seehotel Niedernberg. This is completed by the high-quality culinary offer, which is offered to the guests in the village at the lake. Coffee specialities and homemade delicacies from our own Pȃtisserie, as well as cocktails, wine, draught beer and a selection of exquisite whiskies await you in the "Hannes" Café and Bar am See. The restaurant "Rivage" offers with its lakeside terrace and its mixture of Mediterranean delicacies, as well as regional specialities culinary delights of a particularly atmospheric kind. And the small wine shop "Reblaus" on the village square is a real gem for all wine lovers. 

In addition, there are always events and special offers such as the village Sunday, a wine festival or the Spirit of Ibiza, which invite to an excursion to the Seehotel. No matter whether you are enjoying a nice weekend or just a wellness day, whether you are coming to a conference or attending one of the events, one thing is always the same: You will make your way home happy and relaxed, with the certainty that you will definitely visit this beautiful village on the lake again soon. 

Address: Leerweg, 63843 Niedernberg

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