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The Senckenberg Natural History Museum - One of the Largest Natural History Museums in Europe

The Senckenberg Natural History Museum - One of the Largest Natural History Museums in Europe

Category: Museums & Art
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1821 a "Public Natural History Cabinet" was founded southeast of the Eschenheim Gate as a precursor of the Senckenberg Museum.

On 13 October 1907 this moved into the new building at the Senckenberg complex. The Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft, founded in 1817 by 32 Frankfurt citizens, was and still is the owner and sponsor of the project. In 2017 it celebrated its 200th anniversary with many great special campaigns. As a small gift from the city, the nearby subway station was renamed Bockenheimer Warte/Senckenberg Museum.

The Senckenberg Natural History Museum is one of the largest natural history museums in Europe. It shows the diversity of life today and the evolution of living beings as well as the transformation of our earth over millions of years.

The Senckenberg, whose heraldic animal is a triceratops, is famous because of its dinosaurs. It offers one of the most extensive exhibitions of large group dinosaurs in Europe.

Besides the dinosaurs and numerous fossils of primeval animals and plants (including the famous primeval horse from the Messel pit), many exhibits of extinct animal species, such as the Quagga (a zebra-like wild horse), can be seen. The anaconda devouring a wild boar leaves a special impression on every visitor.

But the museum has much more to offer. On an area of 6,000 sqm you will find several thousand exhibits, some of which are unique worldwide, presented in attractive exhibitions.

Discover the vastness of space and let yourself be carried away into long past epochs - from the Big Bang to the emergence of our planet.

The museum houses the world's largest and at the same time most species-rich display collection of birds with around 1000 specimens.

The reptile exhibition, newly conceived for reopening after the reconstruction in 2003, is also worth seeing.

The permanent exhibitions are supplemented by special exhibitions, lectures and research reports.

As part of the "Project Senckenberg 2020 - Neues Museum", the area of the Frankfurt Natural History Museum is currently being almost doubled by 2020. The four new exhibition areas Man, Earth, Cosmos and Future will also be created. In the area of "People", the non-profit Hertie Foundation is funding an exhibition section on the subject of "People as a System" with 1 million euros, which will be conceived and implemented together with Senckenberg.

Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum
Senckenberg plant 25, 60325 Frankfurt-Bockenheim
Telephone: (069) 75420  ·  Fax: (069) 746238
You can find more information here:

Opening hours: Daily 9-17 · Wed 9-20 · Sat+So+Holidays 9-18

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