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Goose bumps at BODYGUARD - DAS MUSICAL in Frankfurt

20.12.2019 | 06:55 Clock | Culture
Goose bumps at BODYGUARD - DAS MUSICAL in Frankfurt
Goose bumps at BODYGUARD - DAS MUSICAL in Frankfurt
Goose bumps at BODYGUARD - DAS MUSICAL in Frankfurt

As a film, BODYGUARD 1992 was a real blockbuster. The story of the celebrated singer Rachel Marron, who falls in love with her bodyguard Frank Farmer, became a world success not only because of the cast with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. Music also played a decisive role. The mega-ballad "I will always love you" became the global number 1 hit and the soundtrack of the film sold over 44 million copies. Thus, this film was almost predestined to conquer the stages of the world as a musical. And indeed, BODYGUARD - DAS MUSICAL celebrated its premiere in London almost exactly twenty years after its cinema success and finally came to Cologne in 2015. In the Alte Oper the audience will not only be spoiled with the well-known songs of the soundtrack, but also with many other great hits by Whitney Houston. These were very well incorporated into the script of the musical, which was adapted by Oscar winner Alexander Dinalaris. Therefore the story has been changed in some aspects, whereby of course some important key moments have been preserved. 

A big difference between film and musical is the fact that in the musical you can laugh sometimes. For example, there is a scene in a karaoke bar, which is really really funny and therefore provides a nice counterbalance to the plot line around Rachel's stalker. Overall, the story is rather simple in both versions. It's a very conventional thriller plot that works so well because it's embedded in a big romance and spiced up with great songs. And exactly this aspect is even more important in the musical, of course 

In addition, there is a really great stage set, which plays with light effects and video projections as well as with movable elements that give the impression that a picture is faded in or out. Very, very well done. This also applies to the wardrobe - especially the numerous costumes Rachel has to slip into during the story -, the excellent live band and of course the actors. It is more than deserved that they were honoured with standing ovations and minutes of applause at the premiere in Frankfurt. Whitney Houston was an exceptional singer whose unique voice made her songs so unforgettable. The fact that the makers have succeeded in finding actresses not only for Rachel Marron but also for her sister Nikki who can interpret these songs with incredible power, warmth and passion makes this musical an absolutely worthy tribute to the soul diva who died far too early.  

romance, humour, suspense, convincing actors, strong voices and songs like "One moment in time", "All at once", "Run to you", "How will i know" or "I wanna dance with somebody" guarantee a first-class musical evening. And at the latest when "I will always love you" sounds through the Alte Oper at the finale, then collective goose bumps are guaranteed. You really shouldn't miss this! nspsp;

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