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30.03.2020 | 16:54 Clock | Culture
<nostalgic pastime - free browsing in the BRAVO archive

You just want to switch off for a few moments? Remember your own youth - a time when everything was somehow easier? Do you just want to get some light into the dark times? Then there is a nice, but also very amusing and nostalgic way to do so: The BRAVO Archive opens its digital gates for free!

From 1956 to 1994 the first issue of each year is available here. There is a lot to discover. For example in the first year when BRAVO was still a film and television magazine and stars like Marylin Monroe or Karl-Heinz Böhm dominated the title stories. Or 1969, when the BEATLES were the band of the year and Cornelia Greiner from Frankfurt was voted BRAVO-GIRL of the year. Or in the first issue of 1985, when the "Ghostbusters" came to the cinema, a TV broadcast of "Gone with the Wind" caused enthusiasm and Duran Duran was given a star album. Travel back to 1992, when Roxette won the Golden Bravo Otto and the series "Beverly Hills 90210" decorated countless rooms as super posters.

It's not only a lot of fun to discover who used to make the youth scream, who made the girls go wild and who turned the boys' heads. Also in the music charts of yesteryear or the TV program from earlier days is amazingly entertaining and brings back many fond memories. You can also smile at some advertisements, at the photo love stories and of course at the legendary educational website of the Dr. Sommer team. While some of the questions of desperate teenagers are simply timeless and should keep today's generation busy, there are also problems to be discovered in the older issues, which are sometimes amusing, but sometimes also downright frightening. So much for: "Everything used to be better in the past"…

It's simply fun to click through issues that you bought yourself at that time or to browse through older issues. A nice pastime in times of #WirBleibenZuHause! As a little extra there is also the complete E.T. star cut as free download. Hach, simply wonderful. Just click yourself through the archive:

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