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70 years Hessen - We congratulate

01.12.2016 | 19:46 Clock | More
70 years Hessen - We congratulate

Today the central celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Hessen took place in Wiesbaden. But also in other places in our beautiful federal state the anniversary was celebrated today or in the past years. A good reason for to say: HAPPY HAPPY WISH, HESSEN!

One of the strongest regions in Europe

In the time after the war, the country, still young and newly formed from many sections, began to develop its identity. The one million displaced persons and refugees who came to Hesse until 1950 - about one third of the population at that time - played an important part in this. As early as 1946, both old and new citizens were able to vote freely by referendum for the first time. The population decided to accept the constitution and thus also to delete the "Groß" from "Hessen" and to give the state its present name. It subsequently developed into the "pharmacy of the world", an important financial centre and the flourishing geographical centre of the European Union. “Over the seven decades Hessen has developed into one of the strongest regions in Europe. This is also the result of irrepressible diligence, creativity and a thirst for research, and not least of politically set course. Despite almost insoluble challenges, these always offered the opportunity to further develop the country and to secure and shape its future viability. The extremely positive development of the past 70 years has clearly shown that Hessen is a state of pioneers who tackle and master tasks on new and sometimes unusual paths. Today Hessen is a proud and strong state and, what is particularly important, a state in which people like to live. And that is why the 70th birthday is not only an occasion to look back in gratitude on historical developments and challenges, but also an occasion for joy“, said the Minister of State.

The President of the State Parliament of Hesse, Norbert Kartmann, recalled that seventy years ago the first of the newly created states in post-war Germany adopted their own constitution and thus laid the foundation for democracy and the federal structure of the Federal Republic of Germany. „On 1 December 1946, however, not only was the state constitution adopted in a referendum, but the first Hessian state parliament was also elected. For the first time after the war, the Hessians were called upon to determine a freely elected parliament. This was the birth of democracy and parliamentarism in Hesse. We are looking forward to the celebrations for this special birthday“, said President of the Landtag Kartmann.

‚Future needs origin‘

The central festivities took place under the motto ‚Future needs origin‘ from the state government on the Constitution Day, December 1, with a church service in the Wiesbaden market church and a ceremony in the state theatre Wiesbaden. The day before, 30 November, began with the award of the Wilhelm Leuschner Medal to the former Bishop of Mainz, Karl Cardinal Lehmann, in Biebrich Castle. Afterwards the Hessian state parliament came together for the special session “70 years Hessen“. In the evening there was a big birthday party in the Kurhaus of the state capital. With music and dance, citizens were able to relive and celebrate the past 70 years in Hessen with the most formative moments. The tickets for the evening event were raffled off by newspapers, radio and television stations. Fireworks in front of the Kurhaus and a festive concert of the Hessisches Staatstheater rounded off the festivities.

„Wiesbaden is particularly suitable for the central celebration, as the founding of Hessen was forced and made possible at numerous historical locations here. Celebrating in the rooms where Hesse's history was written and decisively influenced is the right setting for celebrating the state's birthday together with as many citizens as possible“, Wintermeyer said in Wiesbaden's Staatstheater.

Further information on the great anniversary can be found on the Internet at

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