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A Frankfurt original is honored - 25 years Theatrallalla

25.11.2019 | 15:10 Clock | People
A Frankfurt original is honored - 25 years Theatrallalla

No question: If the term "Frankfurter Original" applies to someone, it applies to Thomas Bäppler-Wolf, better known as Bäppi la Belle. Not only does he keep the stage in a really good mood, he also knows perfectly how to inspire his audience in very different sectors or to get involved in city life. With his very open nature, he also sometimes scorches, but the fact that he doesn't mince his words makes him so popular for a quarter of a century now. As a dance teacher he has taught many the first dance steps, presented his grave and treasures in a special way with almost legendary guided tours through the exhibition TUTANCHAMUN - HIS GRAPE AND THE EVENTS (which he will offer again in Mannheim in 2020), through the Historical Museum or the New Old Town of Frankfurt (city) history and for three years as a city councillor he has also been committed to the political concerns of our city.

That is, whether as a dance teacher, actor, entertainer, singer, presenter or city guide - Bäppi la Belle simply belongs to Frankfurt like the music to Handkäs. Especially since the artist always succeeds in reinventing himself and at the same time remains true to himself. The successes and commitment of Thomas Bäppler-Wolf were honoured last Saturday by Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann at a reception in the Kaisersaal of the Frankfurt Römer. This appreciation is more than deserved, not only because Bäppi always makes his audience laugh with his shows and his songs - something that is becoming more and more important nowadays. His often very clear words also define him as an artist and a person: "During your guided tours through the new Old Town of Frankfurt, you tell your stories to locals and guests and tell them where things are stuck. I particularly like this unobstructed and honest view of our Frankfurt", the head of the city thanked Bäppler-Wolf for his services. 

Department of Culture Ina Hartwig did not spare praise for this really special Frankfurt personality: "Thomas Bäppler-Wolf manages the balancing act between cabaret stage and city politics like no other. With his work he brings guests and locals closer to the city of Frankfurt and stands up for their interests with passion and without fear of conflict. It is impossible to imagine the political Frankfurt or the free art scene of the city without it!" True words! 

The "heavyweight of our city", as laudator Maja Wolff called the artist, was proud and moved by the honor and the many friendly words: "In the past 25 years I have already done a lot for the city in cultural respects. What I do isn't high culture, but people like it. I am therefore very pleased that my work has been honoured in this way," said the honoured man. Its theatre Theatrallalla was closed in May after 25 years, because the house, which housed the theatre in Friedberger Landstraße 296, was demolished. Since then, Bäppi la Belle has been on tour with his Theatrallalla and travels the halls of the city of Frankfurt and the town houses of the region. The beautiful Theatrallalla is gone - but Bäppi will stay with us - and hopefully for at least another 25 years. 

Maja Wolff  underlined once again in her laudation what makes Bäppi so unique in her eyes: "The fact that Bäppi is also active in urban politics proves how much he cares about Frankfurt", said the actress and co-initiator of the "Green Sauce Festival". And she continued: "If he brings in, then always with full vigour. Bäppi is always 100 percent on the ball. You can feel this in his work, but also in his private life".  

Bäppler-Wolf, for his part, confessed that he had already realised during his school days that he belonged on stage. Frankfurt was an ideal place for him to develop as a member of the free theatre scene. "Here you will find the right offer for every taste. Through the many independent theatres, each category is covered, whereby none takes anything away from the other. Nevertheless, the scene must be promoted in order to flourish," Bäppler-Wolf appealed to the city of Frankfurt not to reduce its cultural support.  

We at would also like to congratulate Bäppi la Belle on the anniversary and thank him for many nice theatre hours, nice conversations and great collaborations. More so! 

Further information on Theatrallalla can be found at:

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