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Achtung Kunst! at the Schmiere continues

11.01.2018 | 08:51 Clock | Culture
Achtung Kunst! at the Schmiere continues

Under the motto "Flausen im Kopf" [fluff in the head], the next art exhibition in the series "Achtung Kunst!" [attention art] at the Satire Theater Die Schmiere will feature paintings by Frankfurt artist Meike Helberger. The vernissage will take place on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 4:30 pm with the artist in attendance.

Effi B. Rolfs and Edda Rössler, the initiators of "Achtung Kunst!", are pleased to present visitors with the new exhibition a series of equally original and expressive works. After all, as the artist and graphic designer Meike Helberger says about herself, she has fluff in her head, which leads to her pictures turning everyday perceptions upside down. Helberger observes her surroundings precisely and with empathy, but there is always room for "nonsense, daydreams, and fantasy." She knows that "if you look closely at the wallpaper, the structures and patterns start to dance." So the background sometimes becomes a foreground and the person depicted appears in a completely new light, until the round dance of structures, lines and color then comes together to form a picture. And the viewer just thinks to himself, "Fluff in the head can be quite beautiful."

But it is not only her view of her surroundings that is unusual. This can also be said about her artistic technique. Meike Helberger applies water-soluble oil paint to fabrics and papers. In this way, she deliberately integrates existing ornamentation into her own pictorial worlds. "I love this artistic dialogue," she explains. "It provides paths and at the same time paves the way for something new." Popping '70s-style floral quilts, inventive paper and wallpaper patterns that could have come out of an Art Noveau pattern book, stunningly aptly staged portraits invite the viewer to engage. "Painting is magic," is her tongue-in-cheek credo.

That this very own view of things does not lead to her models degenerating into caricatures and thus losing dignity and personality is what the initiators of the exhibition so appreciate about Helberger's works. "Meike Helberger meets people sensitively and with respect." For Effi B. Rolfs, a parallel with satirical theatre opens up at the same time. "We, too, allow ourselves to hold up a mirror to reality that changes and focuses new priorities, but always with respect."

The works are on view at the Satire Theater Die Schmiere until April 2018. Opening hours: one hour before the start of each performance. The vernissage for the exhibition "Flausen im Kopf" will take place on January 28, 2018 at 4:30 pm with the artist in attendance. Admission to the vernissage is free.

Following, at 7pm, the theatre performance of "Choose Happily", the current Schmiere programme, will begin. Tickets for this at

More info on the artist can also be found at:

Exhibition venue: Die Schmiere - Im Karmeliterkloster, Seckbächer Gasse 4, 60311 Frankfurt

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