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Actor of the comedy RATE YOUR DATE guest at

11.03.2019 | 13:22 Clock | Culture
Actor of the comedy RATE YOUR DATE guest at

On Friday we could talk about sympathetic visit to the Frankfurt-Tipp.The editors are pleased: On the big cinema tour the quartet of actors of the cinema comedy “Rate your Date“ stopped by to talk to us about the shooting, about online dating and also about Frankfurt. In the comedy by David Dietl, Teresa (Alicia von Rittberg) and her best friend Patricia (Nilam Farooq) develop together with the computer scientist Anton (Marc Benjamin) and his best friend, the ripper Paul (Edin Hasanovic), a dating app that makes it possible to assign the date to a certain type, so that future dates will know before the date if they're dealing with a #Nestbauer or a #CrazyBitch.

We were of course interested to find out whether the four main actors themselves have already had experience with dating apps. Nilam Farooq finds the concept of a dating app itself exciting, but it wouldn't be for her. Edin Hasanovic goes even further. “I think it would just be too exhausting for me“, he admits. “If you look at a dating app to see who has matched you and why not the ones you like yourself, then I wouldn't have a good life.“ But, the actor adds, he understands the fascination that emanates from such apps, because you get emotionally naked much faster in the protection of anonymity.

„But that's exactly the trick of the Internet“, says Alicia von Rittberg, „because of anonymity you dare to cut out comments you probably wouldn't say in real life if you were facing someone.“ For Marc Benjamin, on the other hand, something else would be the real problem with dating apps: „I would perfect myself in the image I convey on the app in such a way that I would have to take off quickly if it came to meeting seriously.“

The challenges of getting to know each other

All right: As long as you just write back and forth, you're just one of many. Nilam Farooq is convinced that when people meet, it becomes binding. This is a good template for our next question: What was it like when the four of them got to know each other? Did you put the other one in a drawer and did this first impression change in the course of the shooting? Marc Benjamin is sure: „We are all so polarized that we know that we shouldn't have a hash day on our forehead right away, because a first impression just changes fluently.“ And Alicia von Rittberg believes that the first impression is difficult right at the beginning in such a group, because you are never really yourself, but have to find your place first. She then tells us about her first encounter, which the director had hoped would be the simplest scene for all of us: „This was the first scene in which all four of us were on Paul's boat. But in the end it was the most difficult scene for us to get to know each other, because as private individuals we had to approach each other, but at the same time we also had to find each other in the roles... It was necessary to immediately distinguish between the private person and the role and still function in the group. She sees this as the reason why the first impression might have been different from the one they now have of each other. “That's why I'm enjoying this cinema tour“, she tells us. “It's nice that we now all meet again privately, away from the set.“

What was particularly challenging about the roles, we'd like to know then. Edin Hasanovic tells us that it was particularly exciting to bring the two sides of Paul together in a credible way. „Paul is so loud, fake and opportunistic“, says Hasanovic, „but then he finds himself. The transition from one to the other was the challenge for me. “ Nilam Farooq then tells me how it happened on the set: “It was a process that evolved during a shoot. But I actually found it most exciting to shoot a comedy that I had never done before. At first I had doubts because I didn't know what was funny and what worked. But you've grown into it over time. “ Edin Hasanovic agrees: „All four of us who come from a more serious profession had to learn that sometimes there are moments when you have to give up responsibility for the role in order for a gag to work. Sometimes we had to get really worked up to make it work.“

Casting becomes a horror-date

For that it was necessary to overcome one's own shame, which was already necessary during the very unusual casting. “That was the horror“, Alicia von Rittberg tells us laughingly. “Even before we introduced ourselves to the director and the producer, we were told outside to come in in the role, not say hello to anyone and just do it.“ Then a blind date had to be improvised. Not only Alicia von Rittberg was impressed by this impro casting. “With me the author sat at the table“, Edin Hasanovic says, „and in the course of the conversation I then saw that she was very pregnant. That on a first date is a gift for any actor improvising.“ Marc Benjamin remembers that very well: „When I came to the casting, Edin approached me and he told me that the director had laughed at him all the time and it would have been so great. I had no pressure at all for my audition“, he reveals laughing.

For Film is Frankfurt super

After the four of them told us something about the shooting in the summer of the century, which they enjoyed absolutely because of the great locations despite the heat, we finally wanted to know if they know our beautiful city and maybe even have a favourite location here? Edin Hasanovic actually knows a little about Frankfurt. He has already filmed here several times and is now standing in front of the camera again in the Main metropolis. “For film, I think the city is great because it combines two contrasts“, he says. “The skyline and the banking district and at the same time the not so beautiful sides, that's simply super for the camera.“ But when he's shooting he's so busy with the work and his role that there's only little time left for him to get to know the city better. But then he thinks of a Frankfurt tip: I like being on the banks of the Main very much. Alicia von Rittberg also had a positive Frankfurt experience: “I was once in the city centre of Frankfurt and was really surprised how beautiful it is there. You won't believe it when you arrive here by train.“

After this little excursion from the world of dating apps to Frankfurt our interview was over again. We thank Alicia von Rittberg, Marc Benjamin, Nilam Farooq, Edin Hasanovic and the 20th Century Fox team for the nice visit and wish you a lot of fun in the cinema!

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