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"AUF JETZT!" campaign of Eintracht Frankfurt is already collecting 500.000 Euro

03.06.2020 | 17:21 Clock | Sports
'AUF JETZT!' campaign of Eintracht Frankfurt is already collecting 500.000 Euro

Eintracht has suffered a number of defeats on the pitch in recent weeks. Away from the stadiums, on the other hand, things are going great: the "AUF NETZT!" campaign, which was relaunched a few weeks ago, has already been able to collect over half a million euros in donations for the good cause. An important part of the campaign was, among other things, the financial reversal from the day ticket, season ticket and hospitality sectors. 30,000 season ticket holders, approximately 80,000 day ticket purchasers and over 1,000 customers in the business seat, box office and sponsor sectors were able to decide, as an alternative to reimbursement of the sums spent on the last five home games of the season, to donate all or part of the money to one of the five institutions that are involved in the "AUF NETZT!" campaign - Frankfurt Ark, Frankfurter Tafel, the German Red Cross Frankfurt, Diakonie Hessen and Frankfurt University Hospital. And that doesn't include the proceeds from the sale of the campaign T-shirts and mouth-and-nose masks, which can still be purchased online and in the fan shop in the MyZeil shopping centre, as well as the numerous individual donations or the deposit proceeds from the donated empties of the collection tours. These will continue to take place every Wednesday. Also not yet included are the numerous donations in kind from sponsors (FFP2 masks, wheel sets, etc.) or private individuals.

Member of the Board Axel Hellmann is enthusiastic about the willingness to donate: "We wanted to mobilize people with words, to tackle them with deeds and to support them with material and financial donations. We are very pleased that we succeeded in this very well. I would like to express my special thanks to the Eintracht family, which has once again shown in these times of crisis what power and strength it can unleash when it counts, thanks to its great solidarity. The commitment that our supporters from all sectors of society and the stadium have shown is remarkable. When you consider that there are also numerous own and very successful activities from the fan scene, this is a unique selling point in Frankfurt.

to date a good half of all those entitled to reimbursement have returned. The option of reversal via the ticket exchange is still available until 30 June 2020. From 1 July 2020, day and season tickets must be sent to Eintracht Frankfurt for refunds. Any refund amounts that are incurred can still be donated accordingly.

"We are curious to see how much will be donated in the coming weeks," says Axel Hellmann, who continues to count on the great willingness of the Eintracht family to donate.

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