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BACK TO CINEMA - Frankfurt cinemas open again

01.07.2020 | 08:21 Clock | Culture
BACK TO CINEMA - Frankfurt cinemas open again

With small steps the Frankfurt cinemas are approaching complete opening again. In the cinema of the Deutsches Filmmuseum, films are already running again at the weekend before returning to normal operation (under pandemic conditions) at the beginning of July. In the Mal Sehn` cinema in Nordend, the first films are already being shown in June, before the cinema is up and running again in July - albeit with restrictions. And the Arthaus cinemas Cinema and Harmonie are looking forward to the visit of UNDINE director Christian Petzold and the (Dis)Harmonie film series, which will finally be able to offer real treats for film lovers again.

Naturally, the cinematic experience here - like in the already open ASTOR Film Lounge - will be different for some time to come. And when we'll see some big blockbusters again is unfortunately still in the stars due to the developments especially in the USA (the cinema release of Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" has just been postponed again). Nevertheless, it's nice that we can finally see films again where they were made for: on the big screen!

We have summarized the most important rules for your visit in Frankfurt cinemas:


Officially it will be here on 02. July again.

Admission tickets should be bought online if possible. If you want to buy the tickets on site, you have to leave your contact details at the cash desk. The necessary form can also be downloaded and filled out in advance, which can help to avoid long queues.

Harmonie and Cinéma will open 30 minutes before the beginning of the first performance. Between the respective performances there are always 30 to 45 minutes for the entrance and exit. Tickets should always be picked up in such a way that you can enter the hall immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, the foyers, as beautiful as they have been redesigned in recent years, may not yet be used for lingering.

In the halls, the seating plans and the booking system have been adapted to ensure the required minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

We have installed hand disinfectant dispensers in the entrance areas and at the entrances to the sanitary facilities.

The ticket control is contactless.</Obligation to wear a mask: A mask (mouth and nose cover) is obligatory in all rooms of Harmonie and Cin&amp;eacute;ma and therefore also when entering and leaving the halls and when visiting the sanitary facilities during performances. As soon as you are seated in your allocated seat in the auditorium, the masks may be removed. Otherwise: keep your distance and show consideration for the other visitors and staff*, then nothing stands in the way of enjoying the film!</p>

More information, the programme and tickets are available at


For your visit to the award-winning art house cinema in Nordend you must register for the selected screening at least 24 hours in advance at indicating whether you would like to come alone, in twos, or if you are from the same household, in threes or fours.

When you enter the premises of the cinema, please wear a protective mask, which you can take off as soon as you are seated. Then follow the guidance system to the box office. Here you can still only pay cash (if possible matching).</If not already done by e-mail, you have to enter your name, address and phone number into the prepared list </p>

In the cinema hall there are 2 seats next to each other which can be occupied, followed by several not usable seats. The following applies here: Please only sit next to each other if you belong to one household!

If you have to leave the cinema during the film, please keep your distance from other visitors and put on your mouth and nose protector again. The same applies after the end of the screening!

In the beautiful Caf&eacute;, which belongs to the cinema, there is unfortunately no service at the moment. On days when two performances are shown, the cinema and Caf&eacute; must be left by the visitors of the first performance before the guests can queue up to buy tickets for the second performance in order to be able to guarantee the distance rules.

More information and the programme can be found at

cinema in the germans film museum

We have already reported HERE about the measures in the cinema of the DFF


Before the summer break, Filmforum Höchst also reports back for a short guest performance. From July 2 to 15, the program, which was interrupted in March, will be resumed with a series of films celebrating the 100th birthday of Italian director Federico Fellini.

There will be 25 seats available per screening.</You must also keep a distance of 1.50 from each other in the anteroom of the cinema.</p>

Before entering and when entering and leaving the cinema you must wear a mouth and nose protection. As soon as you have taken your place in the cinema, the mask can be taken off.

Contact details must also be left. These can be entered before visiting the cinema in a form that can be found on the homepage.

More information and the exact programme can be found at http://www.filmforum-hö


The Kinopolis in the MTZ opens from 02. July 2020 again.

Tickets you should buy online if possible. Next to each booked seat the prescribed number of seats will remain free.

Please pay attention to the distance to other guests when you enter the cinema.

In exceptional cases it is possible to buy tickets on site. In this (exceptional) case, it is recommended that you leave your contact details (name, address, e-mail address and telephone number) and those of your accompanying persons so that you can be contacted in case of need.

Only people from the same household and a maximum of one other household are allowed to book tickets on connected seats.

Payment should be made exclusively electronically, if possible contactless.

Mask obligation: A mask obligation applies throughout the building. This is also to be observed when entering the cinema halls, when leaving the halls and when using the toilets during performances. As soon as you have taken your seat in the cinemas or in the catering trade, the mask can be taken off.

Otherwise the following applies: Please keep to the usual rules of distance and the generally valid hygiene rules. These rules are also displayed in the cinema foyer.

More information, the programme and tickets are available at


For the E-cinemas there is no date for reopening yet. As soon as there are new infos, we will keep you up to date here.


The CineStar Metropolis will also reopen on July 2nd! Again: Please buy tickets and drinks/snacks online to avoid queues! If you are paying at the cinema, please do so without cash if possible. Please keep your distance. A mouth and nose cover must be worn throughout the cinema, including when entering and leaving the cinema and when using the toilets during performances.You may take off the mask on the seat assigned to you.

All further information can be found HERE

Program and tickets are available for the Metropolis at

As soon as the CineStar on the Mainzer Landstr. starts again, we will let you know here!


The Orfeo`s Erben will be closed for the summer and will not open again until September.


The Astor Film Lounge has already been back in operation for a few weeks. You can read more about the rules that have to be observed here during your visit HERE

>>strong>BERGER KINOS >


For the Berger cinemas there is no reopening date yet [p>

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