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Bäppi is sponsoring Humboldt Penguin

25.07.2019 | 12:29 Clock | People
Bäppi is sponsoring Humboldt Penguin

In the past few days very unpleasant news came from Frankfurt Zoo. Unknown people have thrown stones into the recently opened penguin facility and have thus accepted to injure animals. The large glass pane in the grotto, through which visitors can observe Humboldt penguins diving and swimming, was also deliberately damaged, leading to the erection of a barrier grid. The fact that the visitors can be very close to the animals, which was actually intended with the construction of the grotto, is now no longer possible because of a few vandals. 

About such behaviour one can only get excited. In order to counter this with a positive sign, the city councillor Thomas Bäppler-Wolf has today taken over a sponsorship for a Humboldt penguin at Frankfurt Zoo. 

The Thomas Bäppler-Wolf, also known as Bäppi La Belle to many Frankfurters, wanted to take over a sponsorship for some time already, he had to pay 500,- to the Zoologische Gesellschaft as punishment from the trial around Carl-Phillip Solms to Wildenfels. The current reporting and personal discussions with employees about the recent vandalism have now led Bäppler-Wolf to finally put his plan into practice. “We politicians must lead by example“, the city councillor said upon request. 

In typical Bäppi manner, which his fans love so much about him, he added that he had also heard that Carl-Phillip Solms zu Wildenfels had also adopted his party. It is therefore clear to the city councillor that he has an important mission to fulfil: „We must counter that. It's unacceptable for the race course count to turn the poor animals into racing penguins," said Bäppler-Wolf. His new godchild will thank him!

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