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Because of violations of the distance regulations: Friedberger Platz will be closed

21.05.2020 | 20:54 Clock | City whispering
Because of violations of the distance regulations: Friedberger Platz will be closed

This is also part of the "new normality": Where the distance rules are not quite as strict, restrictions can come into effect again. Now all those who like to meet with friends on Friedberger Platz on Fridays to celebrate the end of the workday will feel this. The green area there with the adjacent walls will be closed on Friday, 22 May, to prevent infection. However, the Friedberger Markt will not be affected by this.

Leider many visitors of this popular meeting place in the past weeks had not kept to the given distance regulations. In addition, when approached by the city police, many showed themselves to be unreasonable or - even worse - deliberately disregarded the requests of the security forces. The Corona Contact and Operating Restrictions Ordinance (CoKoBeV) in its current version clearly states that public behaviour that leads to the distance regulations being compromised is prohibited.

For this reason, the green area of Friedberger Platz will be closed on Friday. Since corresponding violations were also found on the neighboring squares (Matthias-Beltz-Platz and Luisenplatz), appropriate measures will be taken there as well, depending on the situation, if necessary. This is a pity for all those who simply wanted to meet here in a relaxed manner, but would have paid attention to the necessary distance. The residents, on the other hand, will probably find it less sad that they no longer have to worry about the noise and piles of rubbish that the weekly meeting at the end of the working day brings.</Markus Frank, head of the security department, appeals to the citizens of Frankfurt not to underestimate the danger of infection caused by such meetings and to continue to observe the contact restrictions in force even when the weather is fine - so that we can all meet together again as soon as possible at places like Friedberger Platz. .</p>

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